Abnormal test results

My doctor's office called yesterday with the 1 hr sugar test results and unfortunately it was a little on the high side. I have no idea what the measurements mean, but my level came back at 148 mg/dl and 140 mg/dl is acceptable. . . anything over that requires that you take another 3 hr. sugar test. [Just lovely! Ugh.] I already had an appointment scheduled on Wednesday at 11:00, so they are going to do the test that morning. I have to be there at 8am, having had nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before. They will draw blood as soon as I get there to measure the baseline “fasting blood glucose level”. Then I get to drink a big 'ol bottle of that yucky glucose drink. After that blood will be drawn and tested every hour for the next three hours. Sounds like fun, huh! Just what I want to be doing the day before I leave to go on vacation!

My iron came back low, too. Which means I will need to start taking iron twice a day now. And from what I hear that  is a pretty normal thing for the third trimester. I have read that some women actually feel more energized after taking the iron supplements, and that one of the symptoms of iron deficiency is fatigue and tiredness. . .  so, maybe having more iron in my system will help give me a much needed boost!

Please just say a little prayer that this will turn out to be no big deal. I am worried that I will have gestational diabetes and have to give myself a shot in the stomach everyday. [I shudder at the thought!] I know I will do it if that is what I have to do, but I REALLY hope it doesn't come to that!!


Doctor's appointment~ 27 weeks

It's over!! I did the glucose test this morning and it wasn't as bad as I envisioned it. The stuff actually didn't taste as that bad and then they didn't take as much blood as I thought they would! That's what I get for thinking?! ha!  I think the results of the test will turn out to be normal, they said they would call if there was a problem but if not they would wait to show me the results at my next appointment. We just briefly got to see the doctor before I had to hurry to the lab to have blood draw (you have to have it drawn an hour from the time you finish drinking the stuff) and everything still looks good. My bp was still great and the baby's heartbeat was strong. I have gained 3 lbs. this past month, which brings me to a grand total of 23 lbs gained so far! She told me that now that I am in the 3rd trimester, I would probably start feeling a heaviness in the stomach and hips soon and I might want to start wearing my belly band more for support. She also went over the signs of pre-term labor and reminded us that we needed to go to the hospital within the next month or so to register. She also mentioned that we need to be deciding on a pediatrician, so I am open to suggestions! They just need to be a NEA doctor for our insurance. I was surprised to find out that I will start having appointments every two weeks now, I thought they would wait until after the next one, but I guess I am close enough to 30 weeks now. So, my next appointment in on Wednesday June 3rd, the day before we leave to go to Florida.  I did ask her about the trip and any advice she had for traveling. She just said to be sure and get out of the car and walk around frequently and to just lean the seat back and put my feet up on the dash board and enjoy the ride. . . .now, I can handle that! ha!

We went and got some lunch before I came back to work. I have a hair appointment later this afternoon and then I am meeting my friend Amy to look at fabric. She makes the neatest diaper bags and we are going to pick out the fabric for the one she is making me! Then we are meeting the guys for dinner at Lazzari! Yum! Abstaining from carbs these last couple of days for the glucose test is killing me!! I can't wait to eat some bread and PASTA!


Stretch Marks!

At 27 weeks, I have discovered the first (of many, I'm sure) stretch mark!  It just appeared out of nowhere!! I have been using all sorts of lotions and creams (guaranteed, mind you) to prevent this from happening, but I guess you can't stop the inevitable. [UGH.]   So, I guess no bikini for me in a few weeks! (ha, like I was really considering that anyway!)

Other than that things are still sailing right along. My appetite has slowed WAY down. And while I am still tired, I am feeling more motivated to do things other than sleep! Last week we washed the back of the house and the porches and bought some hanging plants for the porches. I hope we can do some more landscaping this weekend. Since I am actually "feeling"  like working I guess we should take advantage of it while I still can!  We also went on a "date", we went out to eat and to the movies (and I didn't fall asleep!) all in the same night!  And speaking of sleep, I think I am actually starting to sleep a little better at night, too.

Stratton is on the move! He is most active in the mornings, after lunch and in the evenings.  It seems like he doesn't like his daddy, as soon as Jarrod puts his hand on my belly all movement stops!  And if we are laying in bed watching tv or reading and not talking and he is moving around and we start talking he stops, like he is trying to listen to us or something!

I have another Dr. appointment on Friday.  I am dreading it! It's the glucose test day. . .ugh. I am really not worried about the results, I am more worried about being able to down the nasty looking stuff they gave me to drink!  After this appointment my next one will be at 31 weeks and then I will start having them every two weeks, instead of 4 weeks.  I am anxious to schedule the 3D ultrasound. I didn't think I wanted to spend the extra $$ to do it, but I have seen some pictures of friends that have had it done and seeing their's has changed my mind! It's incredible!  We also need to go register at the hospital in the next month! It's all beginning to hit me that in 3 months (maybe less) we will have a baby?! Crazy!


Skinny us. . .


I HAD to share this! Kristen sent this to me today. . . Kate has been looking through Kristen's old photo albums (apparently she thinks it's funny that Kristen was actually young once. . . ) and they came across this one! Wow! Kate told her we looked "skinny", and I have to agree! We were HOT!! This was taken in June of 2003, on of my many trips to Ft Walton Beach, Fl. After I graduated from Harding my mom and dad bought me a plane ticket to go see Kristen who was visiting her parent's (pretty sure she lived in Little Rock at this time) it was a fun week! So, I am definitely growing my hair back out, wasn't it pretty?! [Thanks, Kristen! I needed a pick-me-up today!!]


Something else to look forward to!




We are going to the beach!! On June 4th-8th, just three weeks away!!  We decided over the weekend. Jarrod's mom and dad and Jennifer and Daniel are going too! We are all going to split a 3 bed/3 bath condo in Perdido Key. I am so excited! I just knew we wouldn't be able to get away before the baby came, but we are leaving on a Thursday and coming back on the following Monday, so it will be a short trip. That should still give us 3 whole days, so I think 3 days is better than no days! 


We are staying at the Beach Colony in Perdido Key. I have never stayed there before, but the pictures look really nice. I hope we are not disappointed. The condo is larger than our house! I am looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing and laying on the beach with a good book, that to me is the most relaxing thing in the world!!  Hmm. . . the only drawback, finding some swim suits that fit my ever expanding belly?!?! Yikes!!


Mother's Day weekend

Friday after work I ran home and packed for the weekend, then we started our tour in Hickory Ridge. We went by and visited with my Nanny (my Mom's mom) since we wouldn't be able to make it to the Mother's Day party for her Saturday night. Then we headed to Searcy. Saturday morning Kristen and Kate came over to Jarrod's parent's house and we had a nice little brunch and got to visit. It was so good to see them and just hang out. Kate is too too funny. She sure does like to sing! Like mother like daughter I guess! ha!

Kate's "cheesy" smile


Saturday afternoon Jennifer and Daniel came over to Jarrod's parent's house and we gave Margie her gifts and then we all went out to eat.  Jarrod and I left to go back to Hickory Ridge to stay there Saturday night around 7:30pm and had just enough time to swing back by my Nanny's house for a little while before it got too late. We gave my mom her mother's day present Saturday night. I got the family picture that we had made at her birthday party printed and framed up. Sunday morning we got up and went to church and then had lunch at my Aunt Kay and Uncle Doug's house for Mother's Day lunch with my grandma (my dad's mom). Sunday afternoon we got back to Jonesboro just in time for me to make my food before church started. Then after church we went to Ryan and Erica's house for dinner with our friends forever group. It was a busy weekend, but fun. I have learned that I think I like Mother's Day! Jarrod got me a new NorthFace rain jacket (from Stratton), and I got an hour massage from my mom & dad!!  I can definitely get used to another holiday like this!


Week 24

This past week was definitely less demanding! We really didn't do a lot, but that was mainly because of all the rain. The guys didn't have any ball games, they were all rained out, which ended up being a bad thing because the league had to rank the teams based on the first and only gamed they played, which means Jarrod's team were put in the A-League. He is really afraid that they will end up getting beat really bad every week. I think they are better than they think, so hopefully it won't be a repeat of last year. I have faith in them!!

We went to Who Dat's with my mom & dad and Dillon & Brandye Saturday night. YUM-O! I love their crab cakes! Then Jarrod and I went to Searcy and stayed the night with his parents since they were having a b-day party for Jennifer and Daniel Sunday afternoon.  We made it back to Jonesboro Sunday evening  just in time for church and went out to eat afterwards with some friends.

We also found a new rocker/recliner for the living room on Saturday afternoon. We are having it custom ordered from Harris Furniture here in town. I am so excited to have a rocker/recliner that doesn't resemble a huge stay-puffed marshmallow. It's very clean and tailored and we picked out really cool contemporary fabric that matches the rest of our furniture. I was surprised that Jarrod liked it as much as he did. I really thought I would have had to do more convincing, but luckily he liked it and had no complaints! And it should be in just in time for Father's Day!

Now that I am 25 weeks, I am not as energetic as I would like. I am still feeling relatively good. But along with being tired, I am starting to feel a lot of stomach and back discomfort, especially at night. It's really hard to get comfortable and I am not sleeping well these days. By about 8 pm I am pretty well spent. But even when I go to bed early, I toss and turn all night and usually have to get up at least twice to visit the bathroom. {ugh}. I really miss being able to get good, uninterrupted night's sleep. . . .and I know, I know. . . it's only going to get worse!!

I think my appetite is slowing down some, too. [Whew!]  I haven't been very hungry at night lately. I am glad, since I didn't want to gain more than 25-30 lbs all together and I'm already over halfway there!! My poor feet and ankles are feeling the pain (or the "gain" I guess I should say). I think I am going to have to break down and buy some comfortable [aka: ugly and boring] flip flops. After a day on my feet my "cute" flops or sandals aren't worth the swollen ankles and sore feet that I have to deal with. {ugh, again}.

On the upside have started feeling the baby move and kick. Saturday night I was woke up about 4 am from all the kicking and moving going on! I was so surprise at how strong it was that I woke Jarrod up to see if he could feel it too, and he could! I guess it was the Cajun food?! I haven't felt anything quite that strong since then, but I can definitely feel something rockin' & rollin' around in there! 

I am really excited about the upcoming weekend! Brett, Kristen and Kate will be in Searcy for a wedding! We are going to Searcy Friday night and hopefully will get to spend some time with them! They live in Tampa right now and I haven't seen them since November, I know Kate has changed so much since then! Also, Kristen and I are both pregnant, so it will be fun taking some pictures with our big bellies!

We will also be celebrating Mother's day with both sides of the family; Saturday night in Searcy with Jarrod's mom and Sunday at Hickory Ridge with my family. Good times!!