Disappointment & frustration

I talked to Jarrod last night and they are telling them that they might be there for another 20 days.

It frustrates me that the story they are being told changes on a daily basis. One day they are coming home tomorrow then the next day they are told it will be a week and then the next day they are told it will be a month??  The idea about them bringing another crew in next week got scratched. It seems they think since the group is down there already, what's another 20 days?? It's like Entergy thinks these guys are robots or something! They can't work 12-16 hour days for a month straight? 

Jarrod said after this trip he didn't care to ever go back to Louisiana. He said that they are in the SWAMPS! Ewww. . . and you know how it's not uncommon to see a dead deer on the side of the road that was hit by a car. . . well down there instead of deer, they see alligators on the side of the road! Scary!

Please keep them in your prayers that they will all come home safe and soon!