First trip to Texas de Brazil. . .


left: Matt &  Carla Nix, Brian & Amanda Coats, Us, and Amy & Dustin Jones.

We have been trying to get this night out scheduled for months now, but something was always going on, or someone (uh,um Jarrod) was always gone! Everyone else had been several times before. I think they go at least a couple times a year, but it was our first time to go. We had reservations at Texas de Brazil in Memphis at 6:30, which seems like the best time to go because by 7pm the line to the salad bar area was insane! I wasn't necessarily looking forward to eating there because I'm just not a "meat" fan. I like some things sometimes, if they are cooked really really well done. But of course I wanted to go to spend times with our friends and Jarrod was really looking forward to it.  I was amazed at the different types of things were at the salad bar. Jarrod tried several new things, including smoked salmon, which he liked a lot!  The meats were pretty good, I didn't eat any steak, because the ones I got were all raw. . .not rare, but raw! Jarrod and the rest of the guys LOVED it. In fact we where there for 3 hrs eating! Then we came back to Jonesboro and had dessert at Cafe Buono. It was a really fun night!  We are really sad that Brian and Amanda will be leaving us soon. Brian got a new job in North Carolina and they will be moving! Brian is actually leaving Monday and Amanda is staying behind for the time being to sell their house. We are really going to miss them. : (