2 week check up


We barely made it on time due to the little stinker. Jarrod had just given him a quick bath and was trying to get him in a clean diaper and get him dressed. Well, before it was all said and done we had gone through 4 diapers, he soaked the changing pad, a blanket and peed on the wall again. The pee machine was in full force this morning. We finally got him dressed and ready to go, I had to put on my makeup in the car on the way since the fiasco this morning took up so much time. We get to the doctor's office and of course they want to take all his clothes off (which really upsets him, he doesn't like to be changed) so they can get his weight. When I took off his clothes the nurse wanted to see where he had been circumcised and also his diaper rash. Well, guess what?? Yep, he started to pee just as soon as we pulled his diaper off. He soaked the blanket he was laying on and also the wall. Again we went though about 4 diapers before we left the doctor's office. The nurse said she had never seen a baby pee so much! ha! We got a good report, he weighs 7 pounds and 9 ounces now!! Man, has he put on some weight in the last week!! He is still the same length, which is normal. He won't have to go back until the first of October when he will get his 2 month shots.