More cupcakes


I am learning that I really like taking pictures of food, and  I think this picture [above] could be on the cover of Gourmet or Bon Appetit! (okay, I'm definitely dreaming, maybe more like the back page Kraft Food magazine! ) Ha!

 IMG_0594 IMG_0596 IMG_0593

the M's are just white chocolate I melted and put in a plastic bag and piped out on wax paper. I liked how they looked standing upright, but for the ones I gave Misty I had to lay them down flat to fit in the gift box.

Baby Shower gift

Our associate minister's wife, Misti Meredith,  is pregnant with their 2nd child, a little girl they are going to name Madilyn Dawn. I made this gift tin and matching note cards for her shower and the cupcakes were an inside joke, but they turned out pretty fabulous. I may be going into the cupcake business after all the compliments I got. Ladies at the shower wanted to know where I bought them! ha! As if!!! Me? BUY cupcakes??!! They obviously don't know who my mother is, do they!! haha!  They were shocked to learn that I made them myself! { thank you very much!} I may not have inherited my mom's natural knack for cake decorating, but I think my attempt looks pretty good! I can't say I haven't had any experience, I have had a bag of icing in my hands a few times in the past. . .





Jarrod started feeling pretty bad around Wednesday (our anniversary) and by Friday morning he looked really sickly,  so I told him to go to the Dr., what could it hurt? {All this time I had been pretty much ignoring his moans and groans because I have had a cold and bad cough for three weeks.  I thought he just needed to toughen up and go on, like me. . . . } Well,  he goes to the Dr. and guess what? Yeah, he is actually sick!  He has bronchitis and a sinus infection. Yuk!  So, needless to say, I felt pretty bad for not taking him seriously. But most women will agree with me that when their men get sick, they think they are dying! While we learn to live with it until we are so sick we literally can't go on. Am I right?

So. . . by Friday night he was feeling just HORRIBLE and looked even worse! He laid in bed most of the night, and went to sleep early. When he got up Saturday morning he said he was feeling a little better, but not great. We didn't do anything Saturday except lay around and watch tv. Then around 4:00 his work phone rings and he gets called out! And he went!!! I couldn't believe that he was actually going to go to work being so sick! He said he wouldn't if it wasn't such a major deal. Uh huh, right???. . . . argh! Men!!! I told him if he got pneumonia he was on his own! Well, that was 4pm on Saturday, guess when he got home? 6am Sunday!!!! That's real good for a person who was supposed to be at home RESTING!  I get so frustrated when he complains that he has a headache or something and then refuses to take a Tylenol, this is the same deal he complains that he is sick and then goes to work for 15 hrs! I just don't know what to do with him!!  [the hard-headed man!] He did sleep until after 1pm Sunday and is feeling much better now and I  of course still have a cold. ugh. Hopefully we all get well and stay well very soon!