20 weeks! We're halfway there!

Wow, it's really hard to believe that I am already 20 weeks pregnant?!  In some ways it feels like a long time and in other ways it seems like yesterday. I have been told that once you find out the sex of the baby the time goes by even faster! We have a lot to do still yet and I am getting anxious. There is so much to think about and decide on. 

I have been researching car seats and strollers and that kind of stuff.   Which makes me wonder why they give an indecisive pregnant women so many options and things to think about?! I can't even remember my name at times right now!?! It's just nuts.  I have to print stuff out and take notes just to be able to keep up with what I have looked at. So far from what I have read about and seen safety ratings on I am leaning toward the Graco brand. Does anyone have any personal experience with their stuff?? Of course the pattern/colors I like aren't sold at any stores around here. I guess that will be another online purchase. Boy, what would we do without the internet?! It's my life line these days!! And thanks to Kristen, who keeps me busy with the newest and  coolest baby web sites to shop at, I am not lacking for something to do.

I have yet to buy anything for the baby. I know it's shocking. I just haven't been able to find anything I like. Here's the thing, why is everything for baby boys so "cutesy"?? I am not a fan of clothing with silly looking animals on them.   I know there are nice, modern looking clothing out there for baby boys, I guess you just have to work harder to find them?? I think having a boy may be a blessing, since if we were having a girl I am sure her closet would be full by now! It's just hard to get excited about boy clothes. Those of you that have boys, where do you shop??

I know, you are waiting for a name. But you will just have to keep waiting. We are still undecided. It's such a big deal!! It was really fun to come up with names in the beginning, but now that we know it's a boy it's become really serious and we are not taking it lightly! There are names we both definitely like, but nothing has just jumped out at us and really felt right. Don't worry, we won't make you wait till he is born, that is unless we still don't have a name. . . .