Fun 4th

We spent the 4th with some church friends at their cabin in Dalton. It was a beautiful place! We didn't get in the river, it was too cold, but we had fun cooking out, eating (a lot), playing scattagories and just hanging out! ha!


on the deck overlooking the Eleven Point River


The guys grilling our lunch. . . . and the back of the property.


Jarrod & Dustin playing horseshoes


the guys throwing rocks in the river (men are so easily amused!)


The girls. . .me, Erica, Amy and Leslie


Couples. . .  Adam & Leslie, Ryan & Erica, Me & Jarrod and                 Amy & Dustin.


We got home about 9:30, just enough time to catch the fireworks on KAIT! Then we crashed! I slept late Saturday morning and then Saturday afternoon we went to Memphis with Amy and Dustin. We ate at Olive Garden (YUM-O!) and went to see "Get Smart" (it was really funny, I highly recommend).

Sunday we went to HR for morning church and lunch at Grandma's then went by to visit Nanny and Papa. We got home just in time to change clothes and get to church. After church we went to eat with Ryan and Erica and their little boy Carson.

We had a really fun (and rather busy) weekend, but I not wanting to be back at work! Three day weekends are great, but it's tough to get back in the swig of things!!