Birthdays & Anniversaries

 Saturday I had a lot do do. . . make chicken and dressing and chicken enchilada cheese dip (I know it's an odd combo, I'll explain later. . .) go buy Nanny's gift, wrap all gifts, go pick up the cake & flowers, decorate the cake, get ready for the party, make it to Hickory Ridge for the party at 5:30! Whew! I got it all done and was there on time!

Saturday was my Nanny's birthday, so we had a party for her at Nanny & Papa's house Saturday night. She had asked my mom if she thought I would make her some chicken and dressing (I am the "dressing maker" on the Gibson side, as I learned the art from my Grandma on the Wilson side a couple of years ago. . .) for the party. So how could I disappoint her? I made several individual servings that she could freeze and just pull out and reheat when she needed a fix! Dressing isn't hard to make it's just time consuming. So that took up a few hours on Saturday. The rest of us were having BBQ so I made the cheese dip to go along with that.

I decided that I would get a mini wedding cake made for my mom and dad and take it to the birthday party, too since Sunday was there 30th wedding anniversary. I had Kroger make me a plain white 8" cake with a 4" on top. I decorated it with fresh flowers and a heart pick. I thought it turned out pretty cute, considering I did it! ha! I would have liked to have some sort of party for them, but things have been crazy lately with my mom's job and just other stuff, so it just didn't work out. I think they appreciated the cake! They had a few gifts and cards to open as well.


Alexandra wanted in the picture, too!! Look at her face, so funny!


Happy Birthday Nanny!

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!!


Cupcakes and marriage class




My friend Carla found out that she passed her state PA (Physician Assistant) boards on Thursday!   So,  I made cupcakes and took them to our weekly "marriage seminar"  class at church.  I think she was sort of embarrassed! Oh, well at least she will have a memory of the day she found out she passed her boards!

We are really enjoying this marriage class. So far it has been really interesting. It cracks me up that the "older people" (the teacher and guests) in the class must think us younger people must be complete idiots by some of the advice we are getting. . . .but then I always think I already know everything! ha!  Really, it's been fun and I am sure down the road it will be helpful! It's nice to know that we aren't the only ones with problems! However, we still haven't embarked on the important subject of  "how to get your man to put the seat down" I hope that comes up in the next few weeks!


Here comes trouble. . . .


Jarrod has just been informed, by Entergy, that he has been chosen as one of 8 guys from this area that could have to go to Louisiana if  the hurricane continues to track in that direction.

Here is a news release from Entergy:                                               Entergy Utility Companies Monitor Hurricane Gustav                     New Orleans, La. – Entergy New Orleans, Inc. and Entergy Louisiana, LLC are closely monitoring Hurricane Gustav as the storm moves toward the Gulf of Mexico.  Although the path and landfall of the storm remains uncertain, Entergy’s utility companies in southeast Louisiana are preparing for the possibility that the storm could affect parts of the companies’ service territories in the New Orleans metro and southeast Louisiana areas.  Should the storm impact southeast Louisiana, it could cause widespread and extended power outages. The Entergy companies’ crews and contractors will be staged near the predicted landfall area and are prepared to work as soon as it is safe to do after the storm passes, restoring service to customers as quickly and as safely as possible.

We are watching this storm very closely!  I'll keep you posted.


Weekend Pics

Isabella's birthday party was Saturday night. . . she's turning 7 tomorrow!!! I can't believe how big she is getting! And Alexandra is such the ham. . . yes, that is her with a Barbie box on her head!  I know Christina is going to appreciate that! Ha! Those girls crack me up! How do they fit that much personality in their little bodies! I was playing with my camera and caught some FUNNY videos, but I can't figure out how to post those. There is one of Isabella "preaching" to us, and a one of Alexandra singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children"! Too precious!!

IMG_0386 IMG_0390 IMG_0392 IMG_0397IMG_0393 IMG_0395

Sunday afternoon we had a birthday party for my Aunt Kay. They were keeping Riley, since Mark had surgery. She is the smartest, sweetest little thing!! I caught this cute picture of her sitting in my grandpa's (her great grandpa) chair with him.


Sunday night we were back in Jtown in time for church and then after we went to Chili's for supper with a group of friends from church, so I feel like all I did all weekend was EAT!! But it sure was goooooodd! I just wish my pants were a little looser today!


Taki's under house arrest!

She seems to be much more animated lately? Maybe it's because we haven't been letting her outside unsupervised, which means she doesn't get to go out much and isn't burning enough energy. But, this restriction is for her own good, since there are cat killers in our neighborhood,  Griffin Park.  See the story here. . . . click on the little camera to see the video. . .


I am HORRIFIED and OUTRAGED that someone would hurt, let alone mutilate and kill some poor little innocent kitty or any animal for that matter!  Those cats were family members to those families, just like Taki is to us.  And we live in a really nice neighborhood! Everyone we've met is friendly and you see cats all the time in yards, so it really surprises me.  Jarrod said he thinks it's probably some mischievous kids. Which makes me wonder what kind of evil, demonic children would do such a thing?? It's just really sad. And if it was a child that did this, what's next?? A dog?? or another person??  It's all just very very disturbing and scary! I hate to admit this but it really shook me up. Jarrod is looking at maybe having to be gone for a few weeks and I am really nervous about the prospect of being home alone that long! I wish more than ever right now that I had a big dog around to scare people away!

And poor Taki just sits by the door and cries. She LOVES going outside in the afternoons and laying on the back patio. I feel really sorry for her. She rarely leaves our yard, but I just can't take the risk of her wandering down the street and never coming back. . . .


On a lighter note, here are some funny pictures of her over the last 2 weeks. She likes on get in or on top of things like. . .

in the sink. . .


in a box . . .


on Jarrod's newspaper. . .


on Jarrod . . .


in the middle of the pillows. . . .


Can't you see why we love her so much! Never a dull moment, well except for the 23 hours a day she's sleeping! It's hard not to love a face like this. . . .