Cupcakes and marriage class




My friend Carla found out that she passed her state PA (Physician Assistant) boards on Thursday!   So,  I made cupcakes and took them to our weekly "marriage seminar"  class at church.  I think she was sort of embarrassed! Oh, well at least she will have a memory of the day she found out she passed her boards!

We are really enjoying this marriage class. So far it has been really interesting. It cracks me up that the "older people" (the teacher and guests) in the class must think us younger people must be complete idiots by some of the advice we are getting. . . .but then I always think I already know everything! ha!  Really, it's been fun and I am sure down the road it will be helpful! It's nice to know that we aren't the only ones with problems! However, we still haven't embarked on the important subject of  "how to get your man to put the seat down" I hope that comes up in the next few weeks!