He Finally Made His Arrival

Well after 4 hours of pushing and and a trip to the O.R. later we finally had our little bundle of joy come into this world Sunday at 7:01 A.M.. It all started about 6:30 Friday night as we sat down to eat supper, not one bite into it Christina stands up and says uh I think we need to go to the hospital I think my water just broke  and sure enough it had. We headed to the hospital where we were sent to triage on the Labor and Delivery floor AKA "The Closet". That's how small it was. After a two hour stint in there we were finally admitted. They started to induce about 6:30 Saturday morning because with her membranes ruptured things were not progressing as quickly as they liked. Well two epidurals later and a whole lot of pain and pushing from 1AM to 6AM the doctor decided that was enough and with the way his head was turned they needed to get him out of there. She was then wheeled to the O.R. to be prepped for surgery. Just over an hour later a 6lb 10oz baby boy made the trip across the O.R.. They were both then moved to recovery for about 2 hours. Christina was then moved to a regular postpartum room and we thought Stratton was going to get to come with us but when his first blood tests came back his sugar was 25 and they wanted it to be higher than 50 so he was moved down to the NICU. Considering we never really thought he was going to be that big and this was his only problem we were still happy even though he couldn't stay with us. Christina is progressing along fairly well she is extremely sore and tired since she basically had him both ways. I have never seen someone exert so much energy in that amount of time i am extremely proud of her. Stratton seems to be coming along well to his billirubin levels have came up and he has been put under the billilight for jaundice which is basically just a blue light. Hopefully if things go well and progress we might be able to get to come home by the weekend. Thanks for all the prayers,cards,calls and visits through this whole ordeal we couldn't have done it without y'all. I'm sure I have left out something, which I'm sure the new greatest mommy in the world will fill you in on later, but just wanted to update everyone. Jarrod