Week 15!

The Bump says the baby is the size of an orange?! How weird is that? It's hard to imagine a foreign object in my body that is that large! I am not really "showing" yet.  I am still just looking a little rounder these days. I did notice something gross. . . my belly button has spread. Eww. It used to be a cute little, bitty thing and now it's really spread out and a lot larger. . . definitely weird looking.

My Bella Band came in yesterday.   It's a seamless knit band that you wear over your pants. You can wear it over unbuttoned pants to hold them up and hide the unfastened closures or over too loose maternity clothes to help hold them up.  It's really neat. I hope it works as well as they say it does! I will be testing it out soon!

Last Wednesday was Jarrod's birthday! He turned a whopping 27! We didn't do anything exciting for his birthday. I did buy him an ipod, which I think he was pleased with.  Friday night we went out to eat with some friends and then ran some errands and did some shopping at the mall. Saturday afternoon we went to Searcy to have our birthday dinner with Jarrod's family and Sunday we had our birthday lunch with my family. I had to be back in J'boro by 4pm for a baby shower for a friend from church.  Then after church we went out to eat with some friends from church.

Here is a pic of part of the shower gift. . . .  IMG_0992 IMG_0991IMG_0995

I also got her a pink bath tub (I didn't know they made those!) and some baby bath stuff. It was such a fun shower. . .there was so much pink!!

Mom came to Jonesboro yesterday afternoon and since I had most of my projects wrapped up I took the afternoon off and went with her. We had lunch and did some shopping and let me tell you she wears me out! Jarrod had gone to help paint an older lady from church  house that was damaged by the ice storm after he got off work, so I was in no hurry to get home.  When mom left it was around 7pm, I ate supper, took a bath and was in bed around 9pm . . . I  was exhausted!

Oh, and it is still not finalized, but Jarrod thinks he might have sold his truck. . . I am not kidding. So, it looks like he will be getting a new truck in the near future, which will make 6 trucks in the 3 1/2 years we have been married. . . .hmm?? Do you think he has commitment issues when it comes to trucks or what?? He claims he needs a bigger truck now that we are expecting. Whatever?!?

I still have a busy week ahead, my birthday is Wednesday, I have a dentist appointment Thursday (which means I will get to eat lunch with Mom twice this week) and we have a doctor's appointment Friday. We are just supposed to see the Dr., no blood work or anything scary this time. I just hope she can catch the heartbeat on the doppler this time. . .or maybe not it did work out better the last time when we got the extra ultrasound.  I am pretty sure our next appointment after this one they will attempt to see if they can determine the sex. I am super excited about finally finding that out!!