Catching up. . . .

The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy around the ol' Staggs household! I have been busy working on shower invitations for three showers, some note card projects and guess what . . .another wedding! That's right I'm up to FOUR weddings in June! The good news is that word is getting around and my little side business is really picking up speed! I'm staying busy, but it's fun.

Mom's b-day party with the Wilson's went really well. The weather was so nice and we ended up sitting outside on the back patio! We had burgers and all the fixins' and ice cream cake. . .

100_0862 100_0863

After everyone left around 8:30 Mom and I decided to run to the mall, as one of her favorite stores was running a one day only 40% off sale. We barely made it in the door of the mall before they started closing most of the stores. We were speed walking down the mall trying not to knock the people, who were exiting, over! We got to the store and didn't really look around much, we were grabbing all sorts of stuff off the racks and giving it to the lady to fold and ring up.  She ended up getting a TON of stuff! I think we did quite a bit of damage in about 15-20 minutes of shopping! The ladies in the store were very nice about us coming in so late.  Then we went to Kohls and did some more shopping, since they stay open later than the mall does! I think we got back to my house about 9:45. I think Daddy & Jarrod were both asleep when we came in! Whew, it was a long day!

The next day our Friends Forever group met after church (Sunday night) and we had bbq at Ben & Hedi's house. We had a really fun time. The guys sat in the living room and watched football and the girls sat in the kitchen! haha! Good fellowship, huh! The guys were also all drooling over Ben's new boat. . . don't ask me what it is 'cause I don't know, all I know is it's big and blue and shiny!

Mom and I both had Doctor appointments on Monday April 7th at Dr. White's (the dermatologist in Searcy) office. He burned and scraped another spot off my back. . .those previous years in the tanning bed are catching up with me. But, let me tell you,  I've learned my lesson! No more tanning beds and now I slather on the sunscreen!  [ I got the results back yesterday, luckily it was only a damaged sun spot. ]

After we saw the Dr. we did a little shopping before heading back to Hickory Ridge.  When we got back, I helped Mom and Daddy prime the walls in Nanny's bedroom. They were painting over the paneling to make it lighter and brighter.  I also got to see my Papa's new puppies! His two Jack Russell's have had their first litter. They are really sweet, but aren't all puppies! He was trying to get me to pick one out, and  I tried to convince him that we don't have a fence and are never home. We don't have the time for a dog. I'd love to have a dog (not a Jack Russell, though) but not until we get a fence and aren't so busy!

Jarrod (finally) sold his little red truck last week, which is a good thing, however, now we are down to one vehicle, which is a bad thing! It's not so bad during the week, but on Fridays and the weekends it's a bit of a hassle! I hope he finds something he likes soon!

This past  Saturday we went to Searcy. Jennifer, Margie and I worked on assembling wedding invitations for awhile. Then we went out to eat for Jennifer's b-day (which is April 19th) dinner. We went to Michael's in Heber, it's an Italian/Steak restaurant. I had steak and my side dish was fettuccini alfredo (I kid you not!) Then we drove around the dam site and the camping areas to look at the high water. I think we heard Jarrod & Terry say "that's a lot of water" and "there's a gallon or two of water in there" about a hundred times! Funny. Guys are so easily amused! We got back to Searcy and let Jennifer open her gifts and had some cheesecake!

Sunday we went to church and did the usual Sunday stuff. Jarrod had softball practice and I took a much needed nap!

Monday night Mom & Dad were in town so Jarrod and I had dinner with them and I ran some errands with them. Daddy also accompanied me to Office Depot where I purchased a new computer!!!! Yay!


It's an HP Pavilion, and I absolutely LOVE it!  CS2 was running so slow on my laptop that I could barely use it, so it was time to get something new! I decided a desktop would better suit my needs. It has loads of features and the screen is so crisp and sharp and SO BIG! So far so good, PS is running like a charm!

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday! I have an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow afternoon, so I am taking off work early (it's nice to have a flexible job!) and then Jarrod and I are going to look for a new truck! Keep your fingers crossed, I know I will be!!