The Legally Blonde Musical . . . .



was the funniest, girliest, pinkest show I have ever seen! We went to the matinee and I could not believe how packed the Orpheum was! And it was almost all gals, very very few men there!  Sorry, my pics are so bad the lighting wasn't great and I had a lady behind us take our pic, so what do you expect! Jarrod ended up driving me to Meghan and Jonathan's apartment and then he left to go to Bass Pro and check out some car lots, and Meghan drove us (she and I) downtown. The parking was pretty tough for a Saturday afternoon. The weather was so nice, a little windy, but at least it wasn't cold. I wish I had worn pink. There was so much pink. Even the guys had on pink! Unfortunately, I didn't have anything cute to wear so I went shopping Thursday night and got a cute dress at Francesca's (which is becoming my fav store lately, sorry ATL)  but still couldn't find anything pink. Bummer. Meghan looked adorable, her dress was almost identical to the dress that "Elle" is wearing on the cover of the show  program.  We had such a fun time, the only thing that would have made it better would have been if Kristen had been there to share in the pink-fest with us!  After the show we hiked . . . up 6 flights of stairs (I thought I was going to DIE!) back to Meg's car and headed back to her apartment where we met up with Jonathan and Jarrod. We all went to the cutest pizza place called, logoOld Venice Pizza Company, it was really, really neat! I got the eggplant parmesan and it was fabulous! I Seriously could have eaten another plate of it! Yum! Jarrod had the Mighty Meaty pizza and I was shocked (well, kind of) that he ate the entire thing, it was HUGE!  We parted ways with our friends after dinner and ran into the Pottery Barn Outlet (the PBO has Meghan called it) and looked around there before heading back home.  I had a really good time getting to catch up with Meghan and Jonathan. I really miss getting to spend time with Megan especially! She is by far the most fun person I know, where ever Meg is that is where the party is! I could hardly get out of bed on Sunday, my legs were jello and my whole body hurt. That's what I get for wearing tall heel boots and climbing all those stairs. What was I thinking?!