He's a growing boy!

We had to take some paperwork by Stratton's doctor's office today and while we were there we asked them to weigh him. . .guess what he weighed?? He has gained almost 2 pounds in 2 weeks, he is now a whopping 9 pounds and 7 ounces!! I knew those newborn diapers were getting awfully tight on him! ha! And to think he isn't even supposed to be here for at least another week! I don't know if babies gain more weight outside the womb or not, but I am glad I didn't have to deliver him at this point! I bet he'll weigh 10 lbs by next week! Whew!!

And for the last 3 nights he has gotten us up twice at night! After being put down around 9:00 pm he has only woken up at around 1:00 and then again around 5:00. Not bad!! I really hated that 3:00 am feeding! . . . Now to just cut out the 1 am feeding. . . .

It's going to be a busy weekend! Tomorrow I have a baby shower in Searcy and since Stratton can't go to the shower, I bet we will stick around so some of Jarrod's family can come by and see him later Saturday evening. Then Sunday we are celebrating my Aunt Kay's birthday at lunch, so we will probably just stay Saturday night at my mom and dad's house (and let them get up with him all night~ ha!) so we don't have to make another unnecessary trip. It will be Stratton's first trip to Searcy (not counting the stop we made on the way home from the hospital), first night at Gigi and Pop's and first family birthday party.

I am not posting any pictures today. . .mainly because it looks like Stratton got in a cat fight. He has scratched his poor face to pieces! I have refrained from covering his hands up so far because he likes to suck on his thumb and fingers and it seems to make him mad, but I may have to rethink that since he is being so rough on his face. He also has some spots of baby acne on his chin and cheeks, and all I have been able to find out by researching online is that there isn't much we can do besides wash his face frequently. I know it's from the milk dribbles, but you can't very well stop that from happening! Any other suggestions?