The Wait is Over!

The big news is . . . . .

. . . . that my office is now located in Jonesboro!!


266 Southwest Drive, Jonesboro




I will still be doing pretty much the same job, just in a different more convenient location!  The marketing company that we use for all of our marketing materials (advertisements, logo design, direct mail pieces ect. . ) Powell Creative, is in the next office, well actually we are in the same office, we just have different front doors! We share a conference room and some other areas in the back of the office. The good news about that is that I will get to work more closely on projects with them, which is SO exciting for me!

I am a whole 3.0 miles from my house! I can't imagine what we will do with all money we are going to be saving on gas!!. . .oh wait, yeah it will probably go to the new coffee shop/gelato shop across the street from my office. . haha!

Anyway, that is my big news! I will be there full time starting Monday, so stop by and see me if you get a chance!!