Andrea's Lingerie Shower

100_0924Last night we had Andrea's lingerie shower at Encore, a super nice restaurant  in Memphis (it's in Peabody Place). We had reservations for the Chef's table. And Chef José Gutierrez came out to say hello! Too bad Amber, Angela and I were the only ones there! The rest of the party were an HOUR LATE!! I wasn't happy about waiting on them for an hour, but whatever.  The food was ok, I got butternut squash soup and the pork tenderloin.  The pork  would have been wonderful if it hadn't been rare! I just tried to eat around the red part! But the soup and the sauce on the pork was delish!!



Jarrod and John went along just for fun (and so Amber and I weren't out late unsupervised! ha-ha!) While we went to Andrea's thing they met up with Jeremy, Anglea's husband, and they went to eat.


100_0922  100_0923

We don't have major plans for Memorial Day, I am not working (YAY!) and Jarrod is working for my dad on the farm and then we are having some friends from church over Monday night. The next week is looking very good. There are no showers and no parties!! Whew, maybe I'm done with those for a week or two! I am glad and looking forward to relaxing a little!!!