It's just Wednesday?

It really seems like it should be Friday! This has been a long week. . . last Friday I had some girlfriends from church over for dinner and movies. My friend Amanda can't go out in public with baby Landon until spring, since he is a preemie and is still so susceptible to virus's and he's a cutie pie which means germy strangers might want to come up and touch him! And she can't have that!! So, we had a small get together so they could get  out of the house. I did hold him and it was kinda scary! He is so tiny! And he has to wear some monitors. I wish I had taken some pictures, because he really is a cute baby!   Taki was very interested in him, she want to smell of him and get into his things, so we had to put her up for the evening. We had a really fun time and ended up not even watching any of the movies I rented!

Saturday Jarrod's parents came to Jonesboro and we went to dinner and then Jarrod and Terry went to the ASU game while Margie and I did some shopping! We had so much fun, and even indulged in some dessert. . .shopping and dessert? It just doesn't get much better than that! I really am so fortunate to have a mother-in-law that I like to spend time with. I know so many people that have a strained relationship with their in-laws, but not me they really make me feel like I am just another one of their kids! I know I am very lucky!

Sunday I woke up with a horrible sinus headache and sore throat and cough. . .ugh. I started to feel a little better by the afternoon and after church Sunday night we met with our Friends Forever group for Pizza. I am still suffering from a cold, it is just a part of the stuff in the air and weather changing, I guess.

Monday my mom was in town to run some errands and so she took me out for lunch (at SFBC one of my favs!) and then after I got off work she was still in town so we convinced my dad to come to J'boro, too so we could all go out to eat. 

Last night when we got off work we headed out to shop for Margie's birthday which we are celebrating this weekend. . . we are going to Searcy Friday for her birthday and are having a HUGE garage sale at Terry & Margie's house on Saturday.  It should be another busy weekend!

I am taking off work on Friday so we can get to Searcy early and start working on the garage sale stuff. . . there is a lot of work involved in getting things ready!