Tuesday evening update

We saw the Dr early this morning and she decided to take me off the magnesium sulfate at noon today and continue to monitor to see if I have any more contractions, then she will check me in the morning tomorrow and I will be tested again for the fetal fibronectin and if that comes back negative then we can for sure go home, she didn't say what we would have to do if it came back positive again, I am hopeful we won't have to cross that bridge. I have been doing good today, since they weened me off the magnesium I have felt much much better, much more like myself. I will be so glad to get back home and in my own bed. I am so tired of laying in this uncomfortable bed. Jarrod did go buy me an egg crate mattress topper last night, since we thought we would be here till Thursday and it has helped quite a bit, but it's still soo uncomfortable! Jarrod went to work today and my mom stayed at the hospital with me. I have been trying to rest but between the different nurses coming in to get this or that and all the visitors I have had it's been hard. A hospital is definitely not a place you go to get rest!! They have also decided to stop taking my blood every 6 hours, since I am not on the mag, so I am hoping that we can get more uninterrupted sleep tonight. It seems like just as soon as we get good and asleep we are awoken by one of the nurses for something. Maybe tonight will be different! I am crossing my fingers that this time tomorrow I will be in my own bed! Which if that happens, Dr. Layton made it perfectly clear that I would be on strict bed rest, only up to the bathroom. She said if I can't do that at home they would have to keep me here, so I am going to do my very best if given that chance! Thanks again for all the emails, calls, thoughts, and prayers! Continue to pray for the safe arrival of our little guy!