Branson, and getting iced in!

We made it back from Branson in one piece! We had a good time, we went to several shows and did some shopping and of course LOTS of eating! We left Wednesday afternoon and got home Sunday afternoon just in time to make it to church. So, it was a long weekend!

Then we get back and they are calling for bad weather, sleet and freezing rain and sure enough Monday afternoon about 2pm it really starts sleeting and freezing raining. So, we all left work about 3pm. Then I didn't get out of the house on Tuesday, and today I didn't come to work until noon. I found that I am the only one that came in today! Oh well!

Yesterday morning. . . .

IMG_0941 IMG_0942

I suspect that this next week is going to be craziness. Sunday at lunch we are having a birthday party for my grandma Joy Kay, whose birthday was on the 8th and Dillon whose birthday is on the 23rd. Then the holiday festivities begin! I am pretty excited about this year. We are having Christmas dinner with the Wilson's on Christmas Eve and then doing Christmas with my mom and dad and Dillon and Brandy Christmas Morning before heading to lunch with the Gibson's. We aren't doing Christmas with the Staggs until Friday so that will be nice to be able to take our time and not be rushed to go anywhere! I will be off work from the 24th-Jan. 5th! I am sooo excited about getting some time to sleep in! Haha!

I will try to update after this weekend, but if I don't get to. . . . .

Merry Christmas!!!