A productive weekend and pricey projects

The bedding I ordered for the baby's room came in on Thursday and the twin bedding that Margie ordered for us came in on Friday! Yay! I am very pleased with the way it all looks.  I can't wait to put it all together.

We decided to paint this old headboard (donated by Brandy, thanks!) white and I think it turned out great.  That took up our time Friday night and Saturday morning.


While we were out in the garage painting, I decided to start cleaning up the crib, I had every intention of painting it white also. But after a good cleaning and a bath in some Old English, it looks like new! At this point I think it would be a shame to paint over it! I bet it would sell for a pretty penny in an antique shop! After it was all cleaned up I wanted to bring it in the house, I mean after my hard work I wasn't going to leave it out in the garage to get dusty again! Well, we had a bit of an issue. . . it wouldn't fit through the bedroom door! ha! So, poor  Jarrod had to take it all apart (probably for the first time in it's 28 years) and put it back together. 


It's sitting in the middle of the room because we are going to have some crown molding put up. I think it will help dress the room up a little.  I just have to find someone to do it for a reasonable price! Jarrod will be in Little Rock Monday-Thursday for the next 2 weeks for some sort of training class for Entergy.  And we have lots of stuff going on for the next couple of weekends, so I don't see us taking on this project ourselves.

We are also in the process of getting a privacy fence put up in the next couple of weeks and an alarm system installed. These are all pricey projects but I think it will be well worth it.  They are "investments" that will add value to our home . . . right?? I will definitely feel better about being home alone so much with an alarm system.  And hopefully, once we have a fence the neighbor's dog will be forced to use their own yard for potty breaks.  I am so looking forward to having a fence.  It will be nice to be able to go sit on the back patio in my jammies and drink my coffee and not worry about the neighbors seeing me! One side will have a regular gate entrance and the other side will have a double gate, so we can put the four-wheeler and things in the back yard and get them out of the garage!

I hope this week goes by fast,  I figure it will be the slowest, longest week ever, since I am so excited about Friday.  It's only 5 days away but that still seems like an eternity! I have lots of projects to work on to keep me busy so I hope it won't be too unbearable!