So fun. . .and addictive!!

While "researching" (that's what I call any shopping I do for baby related necessities) dressers and changing tables today on the internet, I came across this web site where you can plan your bedroom layout! I could play with this all day, it's so fun!

The web site is for Baby's Dream baby furniture, and while I wasn't as impressed with their furniture selection, I thought this "nursery planner" was worth passing along. Click on the icon below to take you to their homepage and there should be a link at the bottom to take you to the planner application. You can do more than just nurseries, too.


This is the layout that I came up with for Stratton's room.


It's pretty much to scale, except the wall that the door and closet is on is actually not a straight wall. . .it's hard to explain, but the closet comes out a little further in the room and the door is recessed.  As you can see we have a crib, a glider/rocker, a small table with a lamp, a twin bed, a floor lamp and a small dresser/changing table. We are FAR from having any of this in place, but it's nice to have a plan!! The closet is huge with a nice organizer and shelves so we don't need much storage in the room, which is a good thing because I can't see where we would put a large dresser or armoire.

Also, what are your feelings on a glider vs. a rocking chair. I don't think my initial idea of converting our rowe chair we have in the living room to a rocker is going to work, the back is really angled and it's going to take up too much space in the room. I think a glider will be more space efficient, but I have heard from some that they didn't like the "gliding" motion. Any opinions??  I actually found one on the JCP web site that I kinda liked (I know!! You're as surprised as I am huh?!) and it's less than $200 for the glider and the ottoman. So, at the moment I am leaning towards that. I sat in a lot of big plush rocking chairs this weekend and they were all just too big and cumbersome to me and some were hard for me (the short girl) to get out of!