We have a winner!!

We finally have a name!!

We sent these announcements out to some distant family and friends this past week, so I guess it's time that I  announce it on our blog as well!

boy copy 

William is a family name on Jarrod's side, most of the Staggs males have William as a first name.  Jarrod's full name is William Jarrod. We will also use this format and call him by his middle name "Stratton". I like the sound of names with alliteration (Stratton Staggs) but I had a lot of trouble finding boy names that started with an "S", so I had all but given up on an "S" name when one day a couple of weeks ago while searching a baby name web site I came across Stratton!  When I got home I asked Jarrod about it and he really liked it. We talked about it a few nights later and he said that since I had brought up that name he just couldn't get it out of his head.  Then the next day at work I came in from lunch to find the mail sitting on my desk to sort through. To my surprise we had a letter from Stratton Seed Co, I thought that must be an omen (or just really ironic) since I had totally forgotten that we have a seed dealer called Stratton Seed?  Totally meant to be!  Maybe God thought I needed some sort of sign to get this finalized! I have been agonizing about it since the day we found out we were having a boy!!  I am very relieved that we have decided on a name that we both can agree on and it's one less thing for me to worry about! 

So, let the monogramming begin!!

wall cling copy

This is the wall decor I designed and ordered this week to hang over the crib, I will post pics of it when I get in it!