Finally. . . our Fun weekend in Florida!

So, back several months ago we were asked by some friends, that we go to church with,  if we wanted to go with them to Pensacola, Fl. to see the Blue Angels air show. One of the guys' Brother-In-Law flies with the Blue Angels and so they go every year to see him. This year is the last year he will be flying with them, though. They invited three other couples besides us and there were a few single folks that went to so there ended up being 15 of us going!

I took off Wednesday so that I could wash clothes and pack and clean the house. . . .basically just get things together since we were leaving so early on Thursday. I started packing and then had to run some errands and this is what I found when I got home. . . .


We left for Florida on Thursday morning around 6:30 and got to Pensacola around 6pm.  Our condo was AWESOME to say the least. . . .see the pictures on their web site here! It was 3,300 square feet of marble, granite and glass. . . soooo cool!! All the bedrooms were just absolutely beautiful and impeccably decorated and of course the view was out of this world!  I could seriously move in and not change a thing!!! These pictures below are after we had been there a day. . . can you tell?!?!

IMG_0755  IMG_0756 IMG_0758

Friday I stayed at the condo and waited for Kristen and Kate to get there while the rest of the gang headed for the Blue Angels air show.  I spent the morning on the balcony of our condo (see above) with a good book! Kristen, Kate and I had lunch at the Crab Trap. It was such a nice day! Sunny and warm and breezy. . .ahh, so nice!!!! However the weather channel had been forecasting rain and cold temperatures so none of us had the right clothes! I had to go to the beach in capris and a t-shirt!! Oh well!  We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. Kate took a LONG nap while Kristen and I chatted. And I got to see some dolphins playing in the water! I couldn't believe I actually caught one on my camera!


Kate is such a doll, I had so much fun getting to know her better! What big personality for such a little girl!!IMG_0773IMG_0780 

See the dolphin jumping?!?!!  IMG_0807 zoomed in. . . .


Sun setting on the beach. . . IMG_0793 IMG_0837

Friday night we ate at Hemingway's Island Grill and it was delish!! Then we went back to he condo after a quick stop to the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. . . Hey, the hot doughnut light was on, we had to stop! Kristen and I stayed up late sitting out on the balcony catching up. Then Saturday we spent the day at the outlet mall. I got lots of good deals! Yay! We ate at little place called Triggers Saturday night and it was really good. I had a panco crusted grouper. . . Yum-O! We all got back to the condo and crashed! We all went to bed early that night! Sunday we were up bright and early and had a short church service at the condo before getting on the road. We made it home around 6:30. It was a good trip. I am always happy when I am at the beach and it was made even better since I got to see Kristen and Kate!  Jarrod had a good time because he got to do some more "manly" activities with the guys. I just wish it had been a little longer! I did take Monday and Tuesday off, too. I have two weeks vacation and I am probably going to end up losing a week since we've been to busy to take a real vacation this year! The time off was nice. I needed a break! Now it's back to the real world and of course things are busier than ever! I am looking forward to the holidays and all the fun events we have coming up. . . family dinners, a wedding, a weekend conference in Branson, birthdays, and lots more!!