Church league softball

Last night was the last scheduled softball game, but they will still have to play in a tournament in a couple of weeks.



that's Jarrod in the blue shirt and gray pants. . .


All season the guys have been nagging Amy and I about making signs, since some of the other teams have signs and air horns and all sorts of other nonsense.   So,  we decided to be good fans and make those boys some signs! We even went a step further and made ourselves t-shirts, too! Talk about being dedicated! We decided on pink for our projects because we really don't have "team" colors and we both LOVE pink, so it was an easy choice. Plus, it's just plain funny. . . .


We had a big crowd !


Do you like the glove sign?? I think it's too funny! Let's see if they ask us for signs again next year?!?!


IMG_0137 IMG_0136

The shirts and signs were a big hit! Too bad it didn't help them win! It was their worst loss yet! (that's why I didn't get any pics of them after the game, they were all mad) Oh well! I am sure we will be sporting these shirts again for the tournament. We have actually had some others wanting them, too.  So, maybe we will have a sea of pink shirted fans in the stands cheering our team on!

I will be happy to have my evenings back! We haven't watched prime time tv in what seems like months! It has been a lot of fun for both of us.  It has been a pretty eventful season what with Jarrod hurting his shoulder, and almost getting thrown out of the game! We won some and lost more, but we got to hang out with our friends and we didn't have any major injuries, so that to me is a winning season! ha!