Busy weekend in Fayetteville and baby shopping

We had a fun weekend in Fayetteville. We got off to a rather bad start. . . .but that's another long story. We got to see friends and family and did some shopping, we stayed busy all weekend. We stopped in one little baby boutique in Fayetteville on Saturday evening and Jarrod bought me a "Snoogle" body pillow. It's so nice! It supports my head, legs and back and really helps me rest better. It's huge though!!

On our way home on Sunday we went thru Little Rock and stopped at the new Babies-R-Us in west LR. It's such a nice store! We got to play with the strollers and car seats and it was lots of fun. That store overwhelmed me! There is so much to look at and think about?! We did decide to go with the Chicco brand travel system and coordinating play yard. It just seemed to be the sturdiest and the stroller was most maneuverable. Not to mention the car seat is the highest rated. The color/pattern is called Sahara, it's two shades of neutral browns with a little accent of orange.  No, it's not the most stylish, but at least our little guy will be comfortable and safe! 

IMG_1079 IMG_1078

Jarrod found a bib that he thought we needed. . . . . . it's corny but it may have to go on the registry, whenever I get that started.


It says "If you think I'm cute you should see my Dad!"