1 day, 23 hours, 7minutes and counting. . .

I am finding it hard to concentrate (more than usual) this week! I have been trying to stay busy but I find myself drifting off to LaLa Land. . . . I am just DYING to know. . . Girl or Boy, What IS it??? Friday can't come soon enough!

I think knowing what we are having will make this all feel more "real". So far I still don't really "feel" any different? I don't feel pregnant. I mean, I am noticing the strange things happening to my body and mind, but as far as really feeling anything different, I still just feel like myself? I am hoping that will change in the next few weeks. . . getting to find out what we are having, picking a name, feeling the baby kick and getting the baby's room set up. . . all things that I hope will make it sink in and become more real to me. 

Jarrod got to come home early from Little Rock. They decided to just give them the tests they usually take at the end of the week early and if they don't pass they will go back to re-take it next week.  So, unless he didn't pass one of the test (which is highly unlikely) he won't have to go back.

I got a mani-pedi for the first time this year yesterday. It was long over due, boy did I need it and it was very relaxing. . .ahhhh. . .  Now, if it would just stay warm enough to wear open toe shoes!