First time in the stroller and shopping

So, I conquered the stroller today! I put the thing together and took Stratton out in it! I am so proud of myself! It did take awhile to assemble, but I did it. . . and yes I had to use the instruction manual! Then after lunch Stratton and I ventured out to Hobby Lobby, which I thought wouldn't be busy. . .silly me, I forgot it's the week before school. I know we were advised to keep him in out of crowds for a few more weeks, but I really don't feel like taking him to a place like Hobby Lobby (which is normally not a popular place at 2 pm) is dangerous. I mean most people are wrapped up in their own world and could care less that I have a baby, let alone want to touch him, which is where I would have to jump in and say something!! I only had one lady even act like she noticed and she just looked down and smiled as she walked by. It was pretty busy today, and since they are expanding into the next building everything was a mess and nothing was where it was supposed to be! I hate when stores move stuff!  Oh well, at least we got out and home in one piece and without any breakdowns. In fact Stratton slept through the entire thing, from the time we left to the time we got home he barely made a peep! I found that the hardest part was pushing the stroller and trying to open doors. Hobby Lobby doesn't have automatic door which presents a little hiccup, but we managed to get in and out without too much of a spectacle! I didn't find what I was looking for so the trip was pretty much a bust, except for the experience I gained from taking him out by myself! [sorry no pictures, it was hard enough to do without having to photograph the expedition!]

Here is Stratton in the Zutano outfit (minus the pants) I bought at Patty Cakes last week. He may not be able to wear it very much longer, it's getting a little tight. I also bought him a sleeper that has farm stuff on it and he has already out grown it! I love this brand. The shirts and onesies are so easy to get on with all the kimono style that snaps!