A Successful Saturday!

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The garage sale had been advertised in the paper for 3 days to open at 7am. . . well when Jarrod raised the garage door at 6:15 to go put the signs up and pull some of the tables out, there was already a crowd waiting to get in! Margie and I were still getting ready so he had to man the fort alone for awhile! I didn't get out there until 6:45 and by that time they had already sold a ton of stuff!! It was a steady stream of business until about 10:00 then things started to slow down a little. We shut things down around 1:00, and all in all we sold a ton of stuff! There were only four boxes (mostly clothes) to take to the Good Shepherd and a box of really nice clothes that Margie is going to take to a local consignment shop. Most of the things we had to sell were marked $0.50-$2.00, so we did really well considering how low we had things marked! It was really chilly for most of the day, we all wore our jackets almost all day long, which was a bummer b/c we didn't get to show off our cool T-shirts! {Btw, the fam was so impressed and surprised with the shirts. In fact we are going to "stage" a picture when we are all together, since Terry had to work on Saturday and Daniel was deer hunting we didn't get a chance to take a family picture.}  It was a good day. . . we got rid of a lot of junk and pocketed some cash for our upcoming trip to Florida, so I'd call that a definite success!!