Valentine's Day continued. . .

. . . about 2:30 a beautiful bouquet of Gerber daisies were delivered to my office. Aren't daisies the happiest flowers, you can't help but smile when you see them!


This picture really doesn't do the flowers justice. There  are hot pink, yellow and white ones  in the bouquet. They are so big and pretty.  And they smell great!

Every year Jarrod sends me flowers. Most of the time he sends me a dozen roses. There have been a few exceptions, like the year before last he got me a huge bouquet that had Star Gazer Lilies in it, I just adore those!. I love daisies, too and Jarrod has twice attempted to send them to me, once they brought me roses instead, and another time they forgot to bring me anything! That was the only year I didn't get flowers on V-day. It was really funny, but I remember it made Jarrod furious!  Ah, the memories!

Last night we decided to eat at O'Charley's (we had a coupon, haha!). They, not unlike every restaurant in Jonesboro, were packed. Luckily, we only had to wait about 30 minutes! 

100_0793 cropped

We snapped a quick picture before ending the evening. Oh, and  if your wondering what I got my wonderful, thoughtful husband in return . . .  well, I made him a card of course, and then when we got home last night I made him sugar cookies from scratch!! I got my sparkling Pink Kitchen Aid stand mixer out and even broke in my fabulous lime green ceramic rolling pin!! Those of you who know me well, know this is a pretty big deal! I love to cook, but don't like baking as much! You have to be so exact and follow a recipe, which annoys me because I like to make things up as I go! Well, Jarrod LOVES sugar cookies, so I have been searching for the perfect sugar cookie recipe for years. And I think I have almost got it!  I  I should have taken a picture of my cookies. I think they turned out really great. I didn't get a chance to ice them last night since they were still warm when we went to bed, but Jarrod still loved them. He said they ranked right up there with his Mema's. Which is a huge compliment!

We had a great day and hope you did too!!