Super Tuesday. . .

Ha ha! Hey, it is a super day for me because we got our hot water heater fixed yesterday!!! I got to take a LONG, HOT shower this morning!

I heard something interesting on the radio as I was coming to work this morning.  Did you know that Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week?!? I didn't!

Well, make the most of it ! Have a great Tuesday!


Easter Weekend

Friday . . . .

I left work early so that we could get to Searcy in time to pick up our rental car (daddy bumped into the back of my car a couple of weeks ago and we are having it repaired in Searcy) and drop our car off  to get fixed.

We ran by Jarrod's parents house to change clothes and then we had dinner with them at the Rib Crib before going to Spring Sing.

Spring Sing was just not up to par this year. I won't go into the details, but it could have been better. . . . a lot better. [Note for Kristen. . . there were NO SPARKLES in the Ju Go Ju show?!?! What's up with that?!?!]


Saturday. . . .

I got to sleep late! Yay! Jarrod helped me clean house and then we had errands to run, shopping to do and groceries to buy.  I cooked my dishes for Sunday.

Sunday . . . .

Our plan was to get up, get ready and go to church in Hickory Ridge before having lunch at my grandpa & grandma's house. Well, we got up as usual and I went to get in the shower, except I couldn't get any hot water! After tinkering with the hot water heater and a call to my dad we decided it was hopeless! We threw our stuff together and left our house headed for Hickory Ridge at 9:15! We got to my mom and dad's rushed to get ready and made it to church by 10:30!! I am not kidding! We might have been a few minutes late, but not by much! The only things we forgot were my hairspray and Jarrod's belt! I thought that was pretty good for as fast as we got our stuff together! I usually get a picture of Jarrod and I on Easter, but not this year! ha!

We had lunch with my family and had a nice afternoon. I didn't venture outside much, it was COLD!! We stayed in Hickory Ridge all day! We went to evening services and then ate dinner at my mom & dad's and watched a movie with them. I decided to take a bath before we left in the case that our hot water heater was still out.  We got back home about 11pm. Whew!

. . . . and yes the hot water heater was still out! Which lead to an unbearably cold hair washing this morning!!! Talk about brain freeze!!


The Wait is over!

Arkansas State University's new Red Wolves logo represents colossal collaborative effort.

The new ASU mascot & imagery was officially been released today!

Here's an except from today's news release. . . .

March 13, 2008 -- The wait is over. Today at 11 a.m. on the east side of the Student Union, a roll-out ceremony for Arkansas State University’s newly adopted mascot, the Red Wolves, revealed the new face of ASU athletics.

The decision to bid farewell to ASU’s Indians and Indian Family was not an easy one, but it was a collaborative decision at every level. The decision-making process was begun about a year ago in response to NCAA sanctions.

At the urging of administrators, notably ASU Chancellor Dr. Robert L. Potts, a Mascot Selection Steering Committee was appointed and charged with gathering ideas for a mascot change from an extremely broad-based constituency that included current students, alumni, representatives from student athletics, athletic administration representation, and members of the community. Jim Pickens, emeritus trustee, was appointed committee chair to oversee the process and keep it representative of all constituencies.

Pickens remarked, “It was a pleasure playing a small role in the future of our university, and all concerned played a significant part in helping our institution move forward. On behalf of the Mascot Selection Committee, we wish to thank the administration, Board of Trustees, and various constituencies for the trust, confidence, and support we received as we went about this historic process of selecting a new mascot and mark for our university. I commend the Mascot Selection Committee for their dedication, professionalism, and hard work as we attempted to select a new mascot that is in keeping with the highest standards of our great university. Hopefully, the new mascot and imagery will serve to broaden and unify our base as together we strive for continued excellence in all aspects of our students' experience at Arkansas State University. I’m thankful for the opportunity to participate in what I hope is a great new beginning for A-State."

As Chancellor Potts noted at the historic Friday, March 7 ASU Board of Trustees meeting, “on Jan. 30, the Mascot Selection Steering Committee concluded its work by recommending that ASU adopt Wolves or a variation thereof, such as Red Wolves, as the new mascot and nickname for our athletic team.” After ascertaining that the nickname “Red Wolves” was unique among four-year universities, Potts brought it before the trustees, who ratified his selection. Potts remarked, “The Red Wolf is a noble species of wolf that once inhabited Arkansas and still exists in small numbers in other states. They are vicious and very aggressive, and they run in packs. I believe that Red Wolves is the best choice…”

Kim Wheeler, executive director of the Red Wolf Coalition, a nonprofit conservation group based in eastern North Carolina, wrote the following message to Chancellor Potts. Wheeler wrote, “The Red Wolf Coalition, Inc., and the many supporters of red wolf conservation are thrilled and send their “howling” congratulations to ASU on your choice of the red wolf as your mascot.  I have passed along your mascot announcement to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Red Wolf Recovery Program and to the captive management facilities across the United States with great enthusiasm. We consider our red wolf supporters and captive management facilities to be one big family, and we welcome the students, staff, and alumni of Arkansas State University to the family.”

ASU’s athletic teams will begin competing as Red Wolves next fall at the beginning of the academic year.


First pair of spring shoes!

I must admit that as much as my allergies and and fear of tornadoes lend me to not have a favorable outlook on spring, I do LOVE  spring for it's arrival of NEW CLOTHES & SHOES! My wallet always takes a major hit this time of year, but this year I have a valid reason for new clothes . . . . I need a bigger size! ugh.

I just got these in today from Piperlime and they are so sporty and cute!! And while I've only wore them around in the office so far, they are super comfy!! I know they have them at Gearhead, in the mall, but I needed a size 5, and they don't carry that small of a size! If your in the mall, just go by Gearhead and try these on. . . . I promise, you will fall in love!


Also, I am very impressed with the spring looks from Eddie Bauer. I'm not usually a fan, but I guess I am getting more laid back in my clothing choices! There is some really cute stuff on the web site that I plan on acquiring for the spring and summer (shhh! don't tell Jarrod, ha ha) and I might even order a bathing suit, too! I love this look and I do have the shoes now. . . .



Snow Fun!!

The snow FINALLY started falling about 10 o'clock yesterday morning! I left work at lunch time, and it snowed all day long! I bet we got at least 4 -5 inches at our house! 


100_0826 100_0838

Jarrod picked up a pizza for lunch and some movies, so we stayed in most of the afternoon. About 4pm it occurred to me that our backyard is sloped and would be great for sledding down. So, we borrowed a sled from Uncle Brian and had a great time! Maybe too much fun. I'm sure our neighbors think we are Crazy!!

100_0839 100_0839 cropped

100_0841 100_0842

100_0843 100_0844

Taki wasn't too sure about the snow! She'd look out the door and look back at me with this look on her face that said  "make it stop it's cold!".  She wanted outside, but not for very long.

100_0830 100_0831

100_0832 100_0833

It was fun while it lasted, but as you know, snow doesn't last long around here!


No snow. . . yet.

We still may get some this afternoon, but not as much as they were calling for last night. For some unexplainable reason we missed it last night!? I know I'm not alone in my disappointment. There are probably a lot of kids (and teachers) that were not prepared to go to school today!

Right now it's sleeting pretty good, hopefully it will turn to snow before too long!


Will it snow? I sure hope so!

Sing along with me, now!  (to the tune of the Rain, Rain Go Away song). . . "Snow, snow come our way, let us get out of work a day"!!. . . . .ha ha! Here at work today we are worse than a bunch of kids looking at the prospect of getting out of school for a day!

I am usually very skeptical, but it really looks like we have a chance for some snow!! They are calling for 3-6 inches!! [Kristen, stop rolling your eyes, that's a lot for us!] We snow deprived people get a little excited at the chance of some real accumulation!

36-hr Rain/Snow Forecast

Forecast for Jonesboro. . . .

Tonight: Periods of snow and sleet. Low around 31. Blustery, with a north northeast wind between 15 and 20 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow and sleet accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible.
Friday: Periods of snow. High near 33. Breezy, with a north northwest wind between 15 and 20 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 5 inches possible.
Friday Night: Snow likely, mainly before midnight. Cloudy, with a low around 23. North northwest wind around 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%.

{I'm hoping & praying!}