Progressive Dinner Party Pictures

 Here is the inside cards of the invitations that Kali and I worked on, these were enclosed in a square chocolate brown folded card. The front was decorated with a fun polka dot ribbon and a stamped circle embellished in the center of the card. They turned out really cute. 

invite copy

schedule card copy

All these pictures were taken by Christina. I was so busy running around I forgot to grab my camera!

Pictures from Brian & Christina's house. . .


Her appetizer spread makes mine look pretty pathetic!



Here are some pictures that Christina took at our house. . .

dsc_0148 dsc_0149




Here are some from Kali & Nathan's house. . .


The hostesses: Christina Ann, Me and Kali


Here's a funny one of me and Jarrod, we were cutting up as usual!


It was a fun party and I think everyone had a good time. It was the first time I had that many people in my house and it was pretty crowded. I fixed soup and sandwiches, which in theory sounds simple enough. But no.  My soups that were cooked the day before and had sat in a slow cooker for 4 hours weren't very hot when my guests started to arrive and so I was shoving bowls into the microwave trying to get them hot, as the guests had to sit and wait . . . it was a little embarrassing, for me not to have it all together, but live and learn and next time I'll order pizza! ha!ha Just kidding!  It was fun, but next time we have something like that it won't be on a work day!