20 weeks! We're halfway there!

Wow, it's really hard to believe that I am already 20 weeks pregnant?!  In some ways it feels like a long time and in other ways it seems like yesterday. I have been told that once you find out the sex of the baby the time goes by even faster! We have a lot to do still yet and I am getting anxious. There is so much to think about and decide on. 

I have been researching car seats and strollers and that kind of stuff.   Which makes me wonder why they give an indecisive pregnant women so many options and things to think about?! I can't even remember my name at times right now!?! It's just nuts.  I have to print stuff out and take notes just to be able to keep up with what I have looked at. So far from what I have read about and seen safety ratings on I am leaning toward the Graco brand. Does anyone have any personal experience with their stuff?? Of course the pattern/colors I like aren't sold at any stores around here. I guess that will be another online purchase. Boy, what would we do without the internet?! It's my life line these days!! And thanks to Kristen, who keeps me busy with the newest and  coolest baby web sites to shop at, I am not lacking for something to do.

I have yet to buy anything for the baby. I know it's shocking. I just haven't been able to find anything I like. Here's the thing, why is everything for baby boys so "cutesy"?? I am not a fan of clothing with silly looking animals on them.   I know there are nice, modern looking clothing out there for baby boys, I guess you just have to work harder to find them?? I think having a boy may be a blessing, since if we were having a girl I am sure her closet would be full by now! It's just hard to get excited about boy clothes. Those of you that have boys, where do you shop??

I know, you are waiting for a name. But you will just have to keep waiting. We are still undecided. It's such a big deal!! It was really fun to come up with names in the beginning, but now that we know it's a boy it's become really serious and we are not taking it lightly! There are names we both definitely like, but nothing has just jumped out at us and really felt right. Don't worry, we won't make you wait till he is born, that is unless we still don't have a name. . . .


It's a boy!?!?!

What?!!? A total shock, well sort of. . .I just knew it was going to be a girl. That is what my gut told me from the very beginning. I should have known, I don't have great instincts! ha! At least I wasn't alone in my presumption, most everyone from my grandma to my hairdresser thought it was going to be a girl?! Oh, well I guess the good Lord thinks we need a boy, so who am I to complain?! Jarrod seems excited (well, for him. It's rather hard to tell when he gets excited) he says he never cared one way or the other, but I know better. . .


 thumb sucking

it looks like we may have a thumb sucker on our hands!


No doubt, it's a boy. . .

 boy parts

he is really going to hate me for this post someday, huh?!

Our appointment went great, the Dr. said everything looked perfect. Which was relief because I haven't been able to feel him moving around yet and I was worried that something might be wrong. But on the monitor he was a shaking and moving all over the place!! The baby's heartbeat was 161, very normal. And my bp was great. I thought I was going to have to have the glucose testing next time but they are going to wait till May, yay! Now things get serious. . . time to pick a Name?!?!


1 day, 23 hours, 7minutes and counting. . .

I am finding it hard to concentrate (more than usual) this week! I have been trying to stay busy but I find myself drifting off to LaLa Land. . . . I am just DYING to know. . . Girl or Boy, What IS it??? Friday can't come soon enough!

I think knowing what we are having will make this all feel more "real". So far I still don't really "feel" any different? I don't feel pregnant. I mean, I am noticing the strange things happening to my body and mind, but as far as really feeling anything different, I still just feel like myself? I am hoping that will change in the next few weeks. . . getting to find out what we are having, picking a name, feeling the baby kick and getting the baby's room set up. . . all things that I hope will make it sink in and become more real to me. 

Jarrod got to come home early from Little Rock. They decided to just give them the tests they usually take at the end of the week early and if they don't pass they will go back to re-take it next week.  So, unless he didn't pass one of the test (which is highly unlikely) he won't have to go back.

I got a mani-pedi for the first time this year yesterday. It was long over due, boy did I need it and it was very relaxing. . .ahhhh. . .  Now, if it would just stay warm enough to wear open toe shoes!


A productive weekend and pricey projects

The bedding I ordered for the baby's room came in on Thursday and the twin bedding that Margie ordered for us came in on Friday! Yay! I am very pleased with the way it all looks.  I can't wait to put it all together.

We decided to paint this old headboard (donated by Brandy, thanks!) white and I think it turned out great.  That took up our time Friday night and Saturday morning.


While we were out in the garage painting, I decided to start cleaning up the crib, I had every intention of painting it white also. But after a good cleaning and a bath in some Old English, it looks like new! At this point I think it would be a shame to paint over it! I bet it would sell for a pretty penny in an antique shop! After it was all cleaned up I wanted to bring it in the house, I mean after my hard work I wasn't going to leave it out in the garage to get dusty again! Well, we had a bit of an issue. . . it wouldn't fit through the bedroom door! ha! So, poor  Jarrod had to take it all apart (probably for the first time in it's 28 years) and put it back together. 


It's sitting in the middle of the room because we are going to have some crown molding put up. I think it will help dress the room up a little.  I just have to find someone to do it for a reasonable price! Jarrod will be in Little Rock Monday-Thursday for the next 2 weeks for some sort of training class for Entergy.  And we have lots of stuff going on for the next couple of weekends, so I don't see us taking on this project ourselves.

We are also in the process of getting a privacy fence put up in the next couple of weeks and an alarm system installed. These are all pricey projects but I think it will be well worth it.  They are "investments" that will add value to our home . . . right?? I will definitely feel better about being home alone so much with an alarm system.  And hopefully, once we have a fence the neighbor's dog will be forced to use their own yard for potty breaks.  I am so looking forward to having a fence.  It will be nice to be able to go sit on the back patio in my jammies and drink my coffee and not worry about the neighbors seeing me! One side will have a regular gate entrance and the other side will have a double gate, so we can put the four-wheeler and things in the back yard and get them out of the garage!

I hope this week goes by fast,  I figure it will be the slowest, longest week ever, since I am so excited about Friday.  It's only 5 days away but that still seems like an eternity! I have lots of projects to work on to keep me busy so I hope it won't be too unbearable!


Baby room decor!

We aren't calling it a nursery, it's just      [insert baby's name here]        's room. I really don't want it to look like a baby room. I want it to a room we enjoy being in and is in our personal style. Maybe I'm being selfish, but the way I see it is Jarrod and I will be spending a lot of time in there and the baby won't know the difference, so why not make it to our taste!?  It will have both a crib (hopefully we can use the crib I had when I was a baby) and a twin bed.

We have decided to go with the Italian paisley bedding in silver sage from Restoration Hardware's, Baby & Child web site!

I absolutely love it! It's clean and modern. It doesn't necessarily look "nursery-ish" and you already know how I feel about this color combo, it's one of my favs! Plus we won't have to paint the room, it's already a nice tan shade, which will work perfectly! And it will work for a boy or girl, which is also what I wanted.

If you haven't checked out this web site you need to. To say it's fabulous would be an understatement. All the bedding collections fall into one of three color categories and they have coordinating furniture, curtains, lamps, accessories, wall hangings, toys and even clothes!!!

{what we picked out is a little different than the picture shows, but it's close enough that you can see what it might look like . . . }


crib bedding: Paisley bumper, striped sheet and solid green bed skirt with a little chocolate brown edging. 


twin bed: Paisley duvet, striped sheets and solid green bed skirt with a little chocolate brown edging.


Duvet, Bumper, Sheets and Bed skirtrhbc_prod151072_clrhbc121003bumper rhbc_prod151079 rhbc_prod103569

I set up a registry this morning, which was so fun! It was more or less to keep up with which options I was going to go with, but feel free to take a look. I know it will be several months before I have showers, but you can never be too prepared, right! ha! I am just relieved that I found something that reflects my style and doesn't look babyish. I know I told many of you that my mom had offered to make my bedding, but that was mainly because I couldn't find anything out there that had matching baby bedding and regular bedding, that had the look I wanted. Besides the fact that Mom is so busy already, and it would have been so time consuming, I didn't want to burden her any more. I have no doubt that her bedding would have been even more fabulous that this, but I have a feeling she doesn't mind buying the stuff instead of making it at all! ha!  I am really excited to start putting this room together, it's nice to actually have something decided on. I can mark something off my list, which makes me feel so good!!


Crazy Arkansas Weather

Snow, snow go away! Don't come again, it's time for Spring!


This is the view out of my window at work. . . see the Bradford Pear tree that has already bloomed.  It's not everyday that you see it snow after the trees have already bloomed out!  The temperature was close to eighty a couple of days ago and today it's freezing with sleet, freezing rain and snow! Only in Arkansas! Thank goodness it has been warm, I don't think the snow and stuff is going to stick to the streets, so maybe there won't be any road problems.


The Legally Blonde Musical . . . .



was the funniest, girliest, pinkest show I have ever seen! We went to the matinee and I could not believe how packed the Orpheum was! And it was almost all gals, very very few men there!  Sorry, my pics are so bad the lighting wasn't great and I had a lady behind us take our pic, so what do you expect! Jarrod ended up driving me to Meghan and Jonathan's apartment and then he left to go to Bass Pro and check out some car lots, and Meghan drove us (she and I) downtown. The parking was pretty tough for a Saturday afternoon. The weather was so nice, a little windy, but at least it wasn't cold. I wish I had worn pink. There was so much pink. Even the guys had on pink! Unfortunately, I didn't have anything cute to wear so I went shopping Thursday night and got a cute dress at Francesca's (which is becoming my fav store lately, sorry ATL)  but still couldn't find anything pink. Bummer. Meghan looked adorable, her dress was almost identical to the dress that "Elle" is wearing on the cover of the show  program.  We had such a fun time, the only thing that would have made it better would have been if Kristen had been there to share in the pink-fest with us!  After the show we hiked . . . up 6 flights of stairs (I thought I was going to DIE!) back to Meg's car and headed back to her apartment where we met up with Jonathan and Jarrod. We all went to the cutest pizza place called, logoOld Venice Pizza Company, it was really, really neat! I got the eggplant parmesan and it was fabulous! I Seriously could have eaten another plate of it! Yum! Jarrod had the Mighty Meaty pizza and I was shocked (well, kind of) that he ate the entire thing, it was HUGE!  We parted ways with our friends after dinner and ran into the Pottery Barn Outlet (the PBO has Meghan called it) and looked around there before heading back home.  I had a really good time getting to catch up with Meghan and Jonathan. I really miss getting to spend time with Megan especially! She is by far the most fun person I know, where ever Meg is that is where the party is! I could hardly get out of bed on Sunday, my legs were jello and my whole body hurt. That's what I get for wearing tall heel boots and climbing all those stairs. What was I thinking?!


Three weeks from today. . .

I will be sitting here at my desk biting my nails, an uncontrollable, nervous wreck. That's because I will be awaiting the all important Dr. appointment to finally tell us if we'll be seeing pink or blue in the future.

The Real Deal guide to pregnancy (which just happens to be my FAVORITE book on pregnancy) has this check list. . .

It's a boy if. . . .    

  • when you add your age at the time of conception and the number of the month you conceived, the sum is an even number.~Yes
  • The dad-to-be is packing on the sympathy weight.~No
  • You skipped morning sickness.~Yes
  • Headaches are a regular occurrence.~No
  • You've never looked better!~ NO!!!! I think I look awful!
  • You look like you stuffed a basketball up your shirt.~No
  • Your nose is getting wider.~No
  • Your leg hairs are growing like weeds!~No
  • Your pee is easter-egg yellow.~No
  • You crave salty or sour foods or proteins.~Sometimes. .
  • Your baby's heart rate doesn't exceed 140 bpm.~No
  • Your tooties are chillier than usual.~No
  • Your hands are as dry as the desert.~No
  • Your bump rides low.~No
  • A ring swings back and forth when dangled from a string over your belly. ~ Don't know haven't tried this?
  • So that's 2 yes's and 11 no's. . . .

It's a girl if. . . .

  • When you add your age at the time of conception and the number of the month you conceived the sum is an odd number.~No
  • Your age when you conceived and the year you conceived are both even or odd numbers.~No
  • Your Junk is in the trunk and your hips rather than your tummy area.~Yes, by bum has doubled in size! Yikes!
  • You got intimate with morning sickness during your first trimester.~No
  • PMS is nothing compared to your pregnancy moods.~YES!
  • Pregnancy doesn't become you.~ Yes, I have never looked worse!
  • You look like you stuffed a watermelon under your shirt.~Not yet, I'm not big enough to tell
  • You look like you got a boob job.~Yes
  • Your left breast could beat your right if both were in a wet t-shirt contest where size mattered.~Don't know, haven't made this observation yet. . .
  • Your hair turned slightly redhead.~ Hmm. . . how do I tell?
  • Your pee is a dull yellow color.~Yes
  • Sweets are your craving of choice~Yes, dingdongs are a girls best friend!
  • Your baby's heart rate is at least 140 bpm.~Yes, it's been above 157 every time so far
  • Your face reminisces the breakouts of your teen years.~Yes!! It's worse than my teen-age years!
  • You are carrying high.~Probably it's still hard to tell
  • A ring swings in a circular motion when dangled from a string over your belly. ~Don't know haven't tried this out yet?
  • That's 6 for sure yes's and 3 no's. . .

So, I have a gut feeling I know what it is, but by the different tests and checklist I have read and taken it's not convincing me either way. The Chinese gender prediction chart says it's a boy.  The Old Wives Tale quiz said it's a girl!  What do you think, am I having a boy or a girl?? It won't be long now and we will know for sure!!

Fun weekend ahead!!

Tonight we are going to a birthday party for Alexandra, who turned FIVE earlier this week! I just can't believe how fast that girl is growing!!!

Tomorrow I am meeting one of my best friends, Meghan, in Memphis to see Legally Blonde the musical at the Orpheum ! It's going to be so much fun! I just wish is was going to be a little warmer, so I could wear my pink heels!!



We've made it to week 16!!

Four months down! It's really hard to think that we are almost to the half way mark?! I have been feeling really good, considering. This crazy weather isn't helping my allergies, but it's that time of year, I guess.  I am really having trouble with my pants fitting. I now have a total of 3 pairs of maternity pants.  I surrendered! I need some more though, three doesn't go very far! The Bella Band is ok, it's not as comfortable with jeans but it works well with thinner dress pants.

I had another Dr. appointment Friday afternoon and it went fine. Dr. Layton was able to find the baby's heart beat easily this time and it was strong 157.  I have gained a total of 7 lbs, which is supposed to be a completely normal amount, but I don't like getting on that scale and seeing it! We were in and out in like 20 mins! She said it shouldn't be too much longer before I will be able to feel the baby moving, that will be really weird! She also told us that the next time we come they will do an ultrasound to examine the baby's anatomy. . . which means will get to find out if it's a boy or a girl! We sat up our next appointment for Friday, March 27th! I can't wait!  I won't have blood work for a couple  more visits, since we are forgoing all the genetic testing. Which is so nice, I hate giving blood. Unfortunately, my appointment in April will include the glucose test, which I have heard HORRIBLE things about and I am dreading it already!!

Saturday we didn't do much at all, I slept late and took a nap! It started snowing about 1:30 I couldn't believe how fast it was coming down, it wasn't long before the ground was covered. By the time we got ready to leave for Stephen and Kayce's at five I bet we had a good 2-3 inches.  We went to a first birthday party for my cousin Kayce's little boy, Cooper.  We ate BBQ and cake and watched Cooper (or Kayce, I guess did all the work) open his many presents.  It was still snowing when we left the party at 8:30! And the roads and overpasses were getting a little slippery. We decided to run into Walmart and get a few things in case we didn't have church and needed to stay in on Sunday. It was actually not very busy, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was soooo cold with the snow coming down so hard! I bet we got a total of 3-5 inches at our house. I really wish I had taken some pictures, it was really pretty.

Sunday we didn't have bible class, it was canceled due to the snow and worship service didn't start till 10am, so we got to sleep in a little again! I took another nap Sunday afternoon, too. When I woke up from my nap I felt horrible, I knew it was a sinus headache but didn't think much about it. Then we went to evening worship and out to eat with some friends.

Yesterday morning when I woke up I felt like I had been hit by a train. My throat was sore, nose was stuffy, and I had a headache. So, I took a benedryl and tylenol and went back to bed! I slept most of the morning and kept taking meds every four hours. By that afternoon I was feeling much better.  Which was good, because I would have been devastated to miss the party last night. We had a small "going away" party for my friend Amanda. She and baby Landon, will be joining Brian, her husband,  in North Carolina this weekend. It was fun just to sit around and talk. And it was sad when it was time to leave, it's just not going to be the same without them. . . but I know that they will be back visiting before too long!