Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving is always a long day and this year was no exception! We left home at 11:30 had lunch with my Mom's family at lunch.  We left there at around 4pm to stop by my Aunt Kay & Uncle Doug's house to visit for awhile. Then it was off to Searcy to see Jarrod's family. We got back home around 11ish. So we were tired!! I wonder how in the world we are going to do that journey with kids!

Friday my mom and dad came to Jonesboro. Mom and I shopped while my dad and Jarrod stayed at our house and watched the Arkansas/LSU game. I'm not sure who was more worn out at the end of the day, us girls who'd been shopping all day or the boys who'd been sitting on the edge of their seats through 3 overtimes!!

It wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be, there were plenty of people out and about but it wasn't bad at all. I actually got a lot of my Christmas shopping finished! I hope to get the rest done this weekend at Branson.

I have a work conference at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson on Thursday-Saturday, so we will definitely be doing some holiday bargain shopping at the outlet mall at some point.

 I love the Chateau, it is something I look forward to all year!! It's so pretty at Christmas time!!

The Graham Girls Visit

Monday November 12th, I had house guests! Kristen & Kate stopped by to visit us on their way to Branson for Thanksgiving . She was traveling with her Mom & Dad and had dropped them off at her grandma's in Lepanto, before coming to Jonesboro to spend some time with us.  Kate was asleep when they got here, it was about 8 o'clock, but she woke up and was in a great mood. Kristen sat Kate down in the living room to floor to play with Jarrod while I gave her the house tour. When we returned to the living room we found Kate in  Jarrod's lap with her arm around him. . . it was too cute.



These are the only two picture I got of Kate. It was late when they arrived and Tuesday morning we stayed in our jammies until time to go to lunch. So we weren't really in a picture taking mood.

Kristen and I stayed up until after 1am catching up!! That is the latest I have been up in a while!! We got up around 7am and had breakfast and coffee and played with Kate and watched some TV. We just hung out until time to meet Kristen's parents for lunch. After lunch at McAllister's they got back on the road.

It was a really special visit, too short, of course, but we had fun catching up and getting to spend time with Kate was great too! Kate is not only beautiful, but she's such a fun and happy baby, I know Kristen and Brett are so proud.