Andrea's Lingerie Shower

100_0924Last night we had Andrea's lingerie shower at Encore, a super nice restaurant  in Memphis (it's in Peabody Place). We had reservations for the Chef's table. And Chef José Gutierrez came out to say hello! Too bad Amber, Angela and I were the only ones there! The rest of the party were an HOUR LATE!! I wasn't happy about waiting on them for an hour, but whatever.  The food was ok, I got butternut squash soup and the pork tenderloin.  The pork  would have been wonderful if it hadn't been rare! I just tried to eat around the red part! But the soup and the sauce on the pork was delish!!



Jarrod and John went along just for fun (and so Amber and I weren't out late unsupervised! ha-ha!) While we went to Andrea's thing they met up with Jeremy, Anglea's husband, and they went to eat.


100_0922  100_0923

We don't have major plans for Memorial Day, I am not working (YAY!) and Jarrod is working for my dad on the farm and then we are having some friends from church over Monday night. The next week is looking very good. There are no showers and no parties!! Whew, maybe I'm done with those for a week or two! I am glad and looking forward to relaxing a little!!!


Couples Shower for Andrea and Mackey

Thursday night we got together at Omar's for a "Around the Clock" shower for Andrea and Mackey. We had a really yummy dinner and they got to open some gifts. We had 9am, which is a tough time to buy for. . . so we got them a Razorback throw blanket that was on their registry! Fun times .  .  .  .  .






 Awwwww. . . .congrats you guys!!!


Kayla's recipe shower

Sunday we went to HR for church and lunch at my grandma's then mom and I were off to Kayla's recipe shower at the church.

I took her my recipe for Baja Chicken Soup & some things to help get her started . . . . this was also my first time playing with shrink wrap!


baja chicken recipe copy 

instead of a corsage my mom MADE Kayla the cutest apron. It is Lime green and Pink, reversible and had a coordinating pocket on each side~ So cute! She got lots of yummy recipes and lots of things to stock her pantry with!



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Ahhh. . .a nice warm Saturday!

Saturday I got to sleep in, which is a good thing because I wasn't feeling well. My allergies have really been bad this past week! Then we went to a birthday party for Jace. It was his first b-day! Amber decided to have a simple get together with family and friends at the park in Harrisburg.  She gave him cake for the first time and he thoroughly enjoyed it! The weather was awesome! IT was a little windy, but the temperature could not have been nicer!

jace bday 032 jace bday 063

Saturday night I finished some shower invitations I have been working on for my friend Leslie's baby shower. I love how they turned out!

100_0896 100_0895


Party for Jennifer and Daniel

Friday night Jarrod and I went to a couples shower/party for his sister, Jennifer and her fiance Daniel at Daniel's sister's house in Pangburn. It was mostly family and a few friends.  The weather was nice for the most part, it did get a little chilly once the sun set. They had a band come and play, who were really good, get this their "band name" is Late Night Snack?!? I think it's cute, but I don't get it. . . .maybe it's a guy thing! We had a fun time.

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Mother's Day

For mother's day Daddy and Jarrod & I went together and got my mom a much needed new grill! Jarrod picked it up at Lowe's and put it together Friday night.  Sunday morning we headed for HR a little earlier to set it up, then went to church.

It was in the garage when they pulled up after church. . . .



I think she was surprised!

We had mother's day lunch at mom & dad's with the rest of the Wilson clan and enjoyed the afternoon with the family!


Saturday Night-mare avoided!

Saturday was a busy day! I went to a shower for my cousin, Kayla in Hickory Ridge Saturday morning. She got so much good stuff!!! I got to visit with a lot of old friends and family that I haven't seen in awhile. There were so many babies, too! I can't get over how some of those "girls" just don't seem old enough to have babies, but I forget that they are only a few years younger than I am!

Saturday evening we went to Memphis with Amber & John. We got tickets to see Bowfire at the Orpheum Theatre several weeks back. We left about 5pm. And we didn't make it very far down the road when Jarrod's phone starts ringing. It's his mom wondering where we are. She told us that there are reports of a potentially tornadic storm headed for Jonesboro! We then turn the radio on to a Jonesboro station and listen to the storm coverage the rest of the way to Memphis. It's a scary and weird feeling to be away from home and hear about a tornado event going on there! I felt bad for Amber and John whose new Tahoe was sitting in our driveway! I wish we had thought to put it in the garage!

The drive to Memphis was nice, we didn't see so much as a raindrop!  When we got to Memphis we got a quick bite to eat and headed for the Orpheum. It was starting to cloud up and sprinkle a little  as we walked to the theatre, and it was lightning pretty good. I was glad we got there without it coming a downpour! I checked the radar on my phone before the show started and it looked like Memphis was just about it get the worst of the storm. I just knew that the electricity would go out or they'd have to stop the show! But the show started and before I knew it, it was time for the intermission. I checked the radar again and the storms had already gone over us and we didn't even know it! The show was really amazing!! Those folks are super talented!! Go to their website for clips from the show. . . 


By the time we left the theatre the rain had stopped and it was already clearing off! We got home about 11:30pm and were exhausted but thankful that there was no damage to our property or Amber & John's  truck!! We had a really fun time, but I could have done without all the weather drama! We were lucky this time, and  I know for certain that the good Lord was looking out for us!


The Wait is Over!

The big news is . . . . .

. . . . that my office is now located in Jonesboro!!


266 Southwest Drive, Jonesboro




I will still be doing pretty much the same job, just in a different more convenient location!  The marketing company that we use for all of our marketing materials (advertisements, logo design, direct mail pieces ect. . ) Powell Creative, is in the next office, well actually we are in the same office, we just have different front doors! We share a conference room and some other areas in the back of the office. The good news about that is that I will get to work more closely on projects with them, which is SO exciting for me!

I am a whole 3.0 miles from my house! I can't imagine what we will do with all money we are going to be saving on gas!!. . .oh wait, yeah it will probably go to the new coffee shop/gelato shop across the street from my office. . haha!

Anyway, that is my big news! I will be there full time starting Monday, so stop by and see me if you get a chance!!