Snow Fun!!

The snow FINALLY started falling about 10 o'clock yesterday morning! I left work at lunch time, and it snowed all day long! I bet we got at least 4 -5 inches at our house! 


100_0826 100_0838

Jarrod picked up a pizza for lunch and some movies, so we stayed in most of the afternoon. About 4pm it occurred to me that our backyard is sloped and would be great for sledding down. So, we borrowed a sled from Uncle Brian and had a great time! Maybe too much fun. I'm sure our neighbors think we are Crazy!!

100_0839 100_0839 cropped

100_0841 100_0842

100_0843 100_0844

Taki wasn't too sure about the snow! She'd look out the door and look back at me with this look on her face that said  "make it stop it's cold!".  She wanted outside, but not for very long.

100_0830 100_0831

100_0832 100_0833

It was fun while it lasted, but as you know, snow doesn't last long around here!