Bridesmaid Dress shopping . . . again.

I have been to Low's twice in the last three weeks! First for a dress for Jennifer & Daniel's wedding which is June 28th. This time it was for dresses for Andrea & Mackey's wedding on June 7th.

Andrea, Amber and I had a really great time at Low's.  I think it was much more fun for Andrea. Amber and I tried on whatever she handed us, and let me tell you, she handed us some really interesting dresses! I should have taken more pics!  Haha! We found one we all liked (actually, I loved it) and had a fun time trying on all the pretty (and some not so pretty) dresses!


The dress she picked will be in a really pretty burnt orange-ish color in satin.  I was personally partial to this SHOCKING pink, but that's just me! Hee hee. You know how I love pink!

Honestly, I didn't want to take this dress off, I felt like Cinderella! I did let Amber try it on. . .finally!


It looks nice with the green jewelry, huh! I am excited about wearing this dress, don't ya love the skirt?! And the diamond accented sash, so so pretty!!

Baby shower gift bucket

I created this cute bucket for a friend's baby shower this weekend. I designed it to match the baby's room. I also created coordinating note cards, gift tags, address labels and mommy cards. I think it turned out super cute & the mommy-to-be loved it, so that's all that really matters!

100_0755 100_0756 100_0758

Congrats, Eric and Kelly! I wish you all the best!