Week 21 In Review

Last week was busy. I am wore out!! Monday I decided that I needed to clean the house, since I hadn't in about 3 weeks. Ugh. I hate when I do that because then it takes so much longer to clean.  Jarrod didn't get home till after 8pm, so he wasn't around to help much either. I hate cleaning the house by myself. I know I am really lucky to have a husband that doesn't mind to help with the house work. I honestly think that he does the dishes more often than I do, especially lately! 

Tuesday my dad came to Jonesboro and we had lunch at Colton's and then went to Dillard's to find a bday present for my mom. He got her some more CK Euphoria cologne. What do men without daughters do?? I hope we have a girl someday!! Tuesday night I went back to the mall to find a present for my mom, too. I got her an outfit. Then Jarrod and I ran to Walmart to get groceries for the first time in over a month.

Wednesday was my Mom's birthday. I refrained from doing anything ugly, like sending her a bouquet of black roses. . .but I sure thought about it! I think the girls at her office fixed her up pretty good with balloons and bday stuff.

Thursday I had a doctor's appointment with my dermatologist in Searcy. Mom also had an appointment so we went together. After our appointments (and both of us got a good report, no skin cancer this year, yay!) we ran into a few little shops in Searcy. Surprisingly we didn't buy a thing. I am getting disappointed in the selection of boy stuff at these small little boutiques. There is TONS of girly stuff! Very aggravating.

Friday night Jarrod and I took my mom and dad out to eat for her birthday and gave her the present we got her. . .she really dragged this birthday out!!  We ate at O'Charley's and then we to the mall for a bit. We ended the night with my favorite. . . a trip to Cafe Buono for dessert and my favorite coffee drink a nutty Irishman, yum!

Saturday after Jarrod got done with his softball practice we had more errands to run, a trip back to the mall (if your counting that's the 4th time this week) and while Jarrod was doing his shopping I got a pedicure. Then we ran into Target to pickup some pictures. We ate dinner at Lazzari's and seriously thought about going to the movies, but decided we'd just go home instead!

Sunday we went to HR for church and lunch at my Grandma & Grandpa's. We had a good time visiting with them even though it was a slim crowd.

I hope this next week is a little less hetic, but somehow I doubt it! We are going to Fayetteville this weekend. Jarrod's fraternity is having it's annual "Founders Day" meeting and I usually don't accompany him, but his cousin Alicia and her husband Jason are having a bday party for their little girl, who is turning one, and we thought we'd drop into that since we will be in town. And I don't see how having a day snuggled up in a nice hotel bed with the remote control and room service can be a bad thing!! ha! We will leave Friday afternoon and come back sometime Sunday.

As far as any baby news, I am still feeing great.  The bump says the baby is about 10.5 inches, the size of an average  papaya.

I leave you with a new belly picture... It's getting bigger everyday.