The big day!!

Here are some snapshots from Saturday. . . .

IMG_0044 IMG_0046

IMG_0104 IMG_0057


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So, I haven't figured out my camera yet, as you can tell! The lighting wasn't great in the church to begin with and then we figured out the flash was off,  Jarrod had been taking the pictures and had noticed that the pics were turning out really dark, duh!?! So, that's why some of these are really grainy and dark!

Saturday was a long day, but everything turned out really great! It rained all morning so it was nice and cool. Which was good for all those in formals! Jennifer looked so beautiful, she was pretty nervous and emotional, so we had to keep the conversations light and fun! We (the girls) met at Jarrod's parent's house to get ready at 9:30. We just hung out and had some breakfast before doing our hair and makeup and heading to the church at 12:30.

The flowers & decorations were gorgeous! They had transformed the whole place into this really romantic setting! We started pictures at 1pm and those didn't take very long. They had a great photographer and she really got things moving along! Before we knew it, it was 2:30! The wedding ceremony started at 3pm and was lit by only candle light. The wedding went perfectly with only a few tears shed! They had a big crowd and a great reception. Jennifer and Daniel are finally married (yay!) and headed off to their honeymoon in Myrtle Beach!

We left Searcy a little after 5pm. Got stopped by a train at Fair Oaks and STILL made it to Kayla and Jason's wedding at 6pm in Hickory Ridge!! I just got one quick shot of them, there were so many people there it was hard to get any other pictures. Seriously, I have never seen so many people in that building before! Kayla looked so pretty and they had the church looking so great! Congrats you guys!!


Jennifer & Daniel's Rehearsal & Dinner


wedding rehearsal



Left: Meredith, Me, Jennifer and Tori


me, Jennifer & Margie


Jarrod, Me, Daniel, Jennifer, Margie and Terry



boxed birthday invitations

These are my newest creation, boxed invitations! They turned out super cute, but boy were they time consuming! I am glad there were only 25 of them I had to do!  These were designed for a little girls first birthday, which is around the 4th of July so I was asked to design an over the top invitation and incorporate a princess theme (specifically using a castle with fireworks behind it)  and the colors pink and silver. This is what I came up with!

IMG_0026 IMG_0025

I added little tiny crystals to the front of the invitation where the fireworks are and added a shimmery powder to the initials. The invitation was wrapped in a glittery tissue paper which was held in place by a monogrammed seal.


The directions card is held in place by the ribbon and pulls out for easy access. 


You can see more pics of this invitation on my

Distinctly Pink Blog!

playing hooky . . .and a busy weekend ahead!

Yesterday I left work around 10am and took the rest of the day off! It'd been about 8 weeks since I had a haircut (that's an eternity to me) and I needed it re-colored, too before the wedding this weekend. So, I went to my hair appointment (which took 3 hours to do everything I needed done, I was a mess!) and after that Amy, a friend from church and I went and got a mani/pedi! Then I came home and finished the last of the birthday party invitations I have been working on, boy am I glad those are done and in the mail! Whew!

The rest of the week and weekend are going to be a bit on the busy side for us! Tonight we have church and I have to finish the rest of Jennifer's wedding programs!! Tomorrow night Jarrod has two ball games at 6:30 & 8:30 (I will really try to get some pics this time!) and it will be Amy's birthday so I am sure we will have to go out and eat or at least get ice cream to celebrate! Then we have the wedding rehearsal & dinner on Friday night. We are staying in Searcy Friday night. Jarrod's mom got us a hotel room because Jarrod's old bedroom at their house is full (I mean stacked to the ceiling) with wedding presents and other wedding related stuff. It will be the first time I've ever stayed in a hotel in Searcy! Saturday morning we (girls) are meeting at Terry and Margie's for hair and makeup. I think pictures are going to start at a little after noon. Jennifer & Daniel's wedding is at 3:00pm (I am a bridesmaid and Jarrod is an usher). Then after all the festivities are done in Searcy we have to high-tail-it to Hickory Ridge for  Kayla and Jason's wedding which is at 6:00pm. We are going to have a long & busy day on Saturday, but it will be a fun day! I am sure I will have lots of pictures to post!!


P.S. . .

I hate movies that make me cry! I watched P.S. I Love You Friday night while I worked on some projects Jarrod was working on the farm and said he'd be out late and I had some things I needed to sit down and do. Well, so much for that! I cried for a straight hour and a half! I hate that! By the time the movie was over I had a Rudolph red nose, red blood-shot eyes and a headache so bad there isn't enough Tylenol in the world to cure it! I guess it had an ok ending, but still! This is just a warning, if you haven't seen it, be prepared. You'll need an entire box of tissues a pillow and a blanket and a BIG box of chocolates (I had M&M's and it wasn't doing the trick) I had to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies to condole myself!.  And make sure your better half isn't around to see you as you morph into a sad, sobbing mess!

I am glad Jarrod called and let me know he was on his way home, so I could tidy up and clean up all my tissues strewn all over the living room, and fix my face or at the very least wipe the mascara streaks off my blotchy face.

My new digital camera. . . five years later. . .

About five years ago for Christmas, Jarrod gave me a digital camera. . . .well kind of. He gave me a picture of a digital camera and told me I could go pick one out and he would buy it for me. Well, at that time a 8 or 9 mp camera was like $400 and up! And I so (being the nice person I am) I never took him up on the offer. A couple of years ago I "borrowed" by Dad's camera and have never given it back. Ha! (my mom got him a new camera for father's day!) So,  knowing I needed a new camera (of my own) with more options,  I have been researching digital cameras for several weeks now. Determined to find the best bang for my buck.  I thought at first I wanted a digital SLR, but when I thought about it, I just wouldn't use it enough to justify the cost. Those are too big to carry in my purse all the time, like I like to do! I decided the most practical thing for me to do right now is to buy a nicer compact camera.  I knew I wanted a camera with a wide angle lens and there aren't very many in the "compact class" that has that option! I narrowed it down to two, the Sony Cybershot DSC-W170 or the Canon Powershot SD870 IS.  I did some (ok, a lot) of research on the internet and read a few (ok, a lot of) customer reviews. When it came down to it, CNET ranked the Canon as best 8 & 9 megapixel digital camera, so it was in the lead. Then I went to Sears to get some hands on perspective. I played with a few of the cameras, but I had some questions. . . so, after waiting an hour for some help, I gave up and went to Circuit City. And it must have been my lucky day because they had the Canon model I was interested in on sale! And then. . . it just keeps getting better!!. . . I found out they were selling the floor model (without a box) for $60 off the sale price!!  I don't have to tell you what I decided to do, do I?? I was in and out within a half hour with a new camera (and an extra battery and memory card)!  It has all the options I want, and lots of options that I don't have a clue how to use!  The design is a little retro, a throw-back to the first Canon ELPH's, but I love it! The only thing so far that I am not crazy about is the large screen, it shows finger prints really easy! (But I guess they are all like that) and it doesn't have a viewfinder, but who really uses that anymore anyway?!?!

get_pimage2 get_pimage3

I am going to try to take some pics at Jarrod's game tonight. . . stay tuned!