Transferred to UAMS

Yesterday morning after my examination and another positive result on the fetal fibronectin test, my doctor decided that it was just too risky to keep me in Jonesboro. Jonesboro just doesn't have the facilities to take care of a preterm baby so if I was to suddenly go into labor and deliver he would have to be sent to another hospital(probably Children's)while I stayed in Jonesboro until I recovered. The last thing I want is for our family to be separated! So just in case they have sent me to UAMS in Little Rock. Here at least if I deliver both the baby and I can stay together until we are ready to go home. Just so you know the "transport" from Jonesboro to Little Rock was horrid. Honestly the worst 2 hours of my life. We got to UAMS and they put us in a labor and delivery room for a few hours until I was examined and monitored to make sure I wasn't actually going to go into labor. They have moved us up to another room (an antipartem room)for now. The good news is that I am off all the meds and iv. They are just keeping me here for observation and as a precaution. The dr we saw yesterday here said that my cervix is so thinned out that my water could break at anytime and I could go into labor pretty much at anytime. He said he wished he had a crystal ball to see how long we have(hours? days? weeks?),but he doesn't, and unfortunately there just isn't a good way to predict labor. So I figure we will be here for a least a few days waiting see to see if anything happens. There is a chance that if nothing happens they may let us go home, or go to a place they call "CAMP" which is for patients that they don't feel confident enough sending all the way home, but are stable enough that they don't need constant hospital care. Either way I only have 3-4 weeks until I am far enough along that it won't matter if I go into labor. So if I can make it that long I will be able to safely deliver at Jonesboro without any problems. We are just taking it easy. They are still keeping me on bedrest, obviously, but it's nice to be off the medications and iv. Thanks again for all the support! This has been one crazy ride so far and I am anxious for it to all be over!