9 weeks

We have been at home with Stratton for 8 weeks now, or roughly 56 days! I guesstimate that in the past 2 months we have made about 400 bottles and gone through around 380 diapers!  The past week was  a big week for us. . .my first week back at work and yesterday was Stratton's 2 month birthday! I am amazed at how much Stratton is growing! It seems like in the the past two weeks he has had a major growth spurt! We measured him last night at he is almost 26 inches long! We should really get some scales, I wouldn't be surprised if Stratton weighed 12 lbs by now, he has really started to "fill out" some of his clothes!

Here are some pictures from the past week!



[Wednesday night after church]


[Friday, first visit to the hair salon. . he slept the whole time!]


[Saturday, first night in footie pj's]