Doctor appointment at the UAMS clinic

We saw a really great nurse practitioner at the UAMS women's clinic this afternoon. I actually liked her better than any of the doctors I have seen so far! When we got to the clinic we had to fill out some paperwork and it wasn't too bad. I was nervous since they said to be ready for it to last several hours, but we were in and out within about an hour. I have lost about 5 lbs in the past few weeks, I think it's due to the diet I am on for my gestational diabetes. They did put me on the monitors for about 20 mins and it just so happens Stratton got the hiccups during that time. . .pretty funny. . .anyway they did see some small contractions, nothing to be too worried about though. Stratton looks great. His heartbeat is strong and from what they can tell he looks just perfect. When the NP came in she wasn't going to examine me at first (seeing as how that itself can bring on labor) but when I told her how much pain and discomfort I have been in the last couple of days, she decided to go ahead. It's scary since I can't feel any "contractions" I hate to think that I might be in labor and not know until it's too late! She checked me and luckily I haven't changed in the past week. She was shocked how thin my cervix is and how low the baby is. She said it was remarkable and just couldn't believe that I have gone this long (not me, that's just answered prayers!). She also wasn't very optimistic that I would last much longer. In her opinion we will be very lucky to make it to 35 weeks, but we will see. She was the first one to actually give me some props for hanging in there so long, which was nice. It seems like all the doctors I have seen think it's no big deal to be in constant pain and discomfort while staying in bed all day!! She also gave me a better idea of what to look for as far as "labor symptoms" since my situation is really different than most pregnancies. She was going to let us get away with not having another appointment till next Friday the 17th (hopefully, the day we get to go home!) but after checking me, she said it made her nervous to let me go that long without seeing a doctor. So I have another regular appointment scheduled for next Monday and then next Friday they will see me and if they think I am the same they will release me. However, at that point they have to make contact with my Dr.and the hospital in Jonesboro and make sure they will take me back at that point. If they say yes, we get to go home! If they say not yet, well we will have to stay here a little longer. It's nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. . .whether it be going home next week or going into labor! At this point I don't want to deliver a preemie baby, but boy am I getting tired of being in pain and having to be on bedrest with a babysitter all the time! After the appointment we grabbed a bite to eat at El Porton. . .the restaurant, I got to eat in a restaurant!!! The food was alright, but I was so happy to get out for awhile!!