No news is good news

Still no change. In fact, I have been feeling less pain and pressure today. The doctors came by early this morning and basically told us we are going to be here at the hospital till at least Monday. If nothing happens this weekend, they will re-evaluate the situation and decide where we should go from there on Monday. I don't know for sure but I figure I will get examined on Monday and if I haven't dilated anymore they will send us to the "camp" or send us home. I guess going back to Jonesboro isn't an option anymore since they can't really do anything else for us. I am afraid that they will want us to stay here since I don't have but a few weeks till I will be in the "safe" stage for delivery at Jonesboro. You have no idea how bad I miss my bed!! And my DVR! We don't even have a dvd player here! We are just hanging out, I am taking lots of cat naps. Jarrod had to go buy himself a air matress after sleeping in the fold out chair in the room Wednesday night. So, we are both getting more rest at night, now. The food they have been bringing me hasn't been too awful so far. I am on such a restricted diet because of the gestational diabetes that it doesn't really matter to me. Jarrod has been going down to the cafeteria or sandwich shop and bringing his meals back up to the room to eat. They have lots of choices for him to choose from so hopefully it will be a few days before he gets tired of the food here. I figure it's going to be a long, uneventful weekend! I will keep you posted!