So frustrating!

So, all weekend all we have heard from the doctors and nurses was that we would be going to "camp" on Monday if I had not dilated anymore. Well, I have not dilated anymore and I am still at the hospital. Hmmm??? The doctor that came in this morning didn't even bring up the option of leaving until I asked and then she said that she would have to talk to the rest of the staff within the hour and get back to us. . .this was at 8am. At 2pm a nurse came in to check on me and I asked her if she could find out what was going on, if we were getting released to camp or not? Well, she goes "Oh, yeah you're not going to camp" just like that, without much thought or care. She said that one of the other nurses had called down to the doctor's office to check on a patient of hers that was supposed to be getting released and they told her that her patient wasn't going anywhere and to tell our nurse that we wouldn't be leaving today either. I guess instead of coming to our room and telling us then, she just thought she'd wait until we asked?? I was SO mad. I asked her if she knew why, and she said no but she could call the doctor herself and find out. [uh, THANK you!] I asked her to do that and if possible we would like to talk to the doctor ourselves to find out just what was going on and why they wouldn't release us. She came back and said that they just couldn't get the release approved and if we wanted to talk to the doctor she would have her to call us because she wasn't going to be able to get back up to the room to see us. At first I told the nurse not to worry about it, I knew I was too upset to talk to the doctor rationally anyway. But Jarrod decided he needed to know more so he had the nurse call the doctor and she called us in our room a while later. She did apologize to Jarrod for not getting the news to us sooner (or at all.) she said that her rounds took longer than she thought and then after their meeting she had to go to the clinic and got busy. . . .she also said that they couldn't get everything arranged and coordinated today between the hospital and the hotel, then she told Jarrod that the main doctor who everything has to go through decided that he just wasn't comfortable letting us go today. She said she couldn't guarantee anything but really felt that if he decided to let us go tomorrow everything would be in place where we could move tomorrow. I was really frustrated. I am so tired of being here and not knowing anything from day to day. I feel like this must be a good hospital for emergency care, but they could definitely work on their long term patient care and the patient-doctor communication. We have seen 5 different doctors since we have been here and have yet to have the same nurse for more than a shift. It's hard to get a straight answer from anyone, but I guess that is a problem with all hospitals! Anyway, I am in a better state of mind tonight, but I was really upset this afternoon. I really had my hopes up and I was just really disappointed. I hate to get my hopes up again, but I am really praying that we can go to camp tomorrow. I am beyond tired of being here. I haven't had a night of uninterrupted sleep in 10 days! It's funny that I am on "Bed-Rest" and while I am in bed, I am definitely not getting much rest! Sorry today's blog is mostly a rant. I am still feeling fine, no pain, no contractions. My mom is here to stay till Wednesday. Jarrod is staying the night at his friend's house in Sherwood and is planning on going to work tomorrow and Wednesday. He will be off on Thursday and Friday, they are getting their 4th of July day off on Thursday and then of course he doesn't work on Friday's anyway. Maybe this weekend won't be quite as bad if we are in the hotel.