Dillon's Birthday

Since Dillon's birthday is on the 23rd of December we've always had to make a big deal about it, so as to not confuse his birthday with Christmas, or make him feel like his birthday isn't special, or that he isn't special. So, for the last few years on his birthday mom and dad take us all out to eat and to the movies for this special occasion.

This year his birthday fell on Sunday, so Dad, Mom, Dillon and Brandye met us for Church at Valley View and then we went out to eat and to a movie, but not before taking some family photos!

repaired group


We ate lunch at, Dillon's choice of course, Cozemel; a mexican restaurant in Jonesboro that he really likes. After lunch we went to the National Treasure movie, again his choice. It was a pretty good movie. . . I give it a B- . . . Then we came back to our house for an oreo ice cream cake. It was a fun day. Mom and Dad even stayed that afternoon and ran some errands and went to church with us Sunday night.