Hopefully our last night in the hospital!

Today is our 10th day in the hospital! I am so tired of being poked and prodded on every 2 hours. And I am so ready to be in a real bed. 10 nights in a hospital bed is killing my back! And I am pretty sure Jarrod could do without his nightly ritual of blowing up his airbed and making it. From what we can get out of the nurses it looks like we will be going to "Camp" aka The Markham House Suites, tomorrow. We have no idea what it will be like, but come on, it's got to be better than a hospital room. From what we can tell it will have a kitchette and a small living room area and a seperate bedroom. So, I think it will be nice. This is just what we have gathered from the nurses but we won't know for sure till tomorrow. I think they will re-examine me in the morning and they will go from there. I have been feeling really good, practically no contractions and pains. I think being on bed rest for the last two weeks must be doing some good. And this past week I have been trying to lay down more instead of sitting up, which I think has also helped. Jarrod has been allowed to work out of the Little Rock office, so he won't have to take off anymore work. It would really stink for him to use up all his days before the baby even comes! We are so thankful they are letting him work in Little Rock so he can stay with me at night and he will be close if anything were to happen. My mom is coming to stay for a few days this week just too get us settled and see how it goes during the day. I hate that I might need a babysitter! I guess if I need it then that's what I need, but is so hard to lie in bed and watch someone else do everything for you! We had quite a bit of company today. We had a good visit with Jarrod's cousin Keith, then Brian, Christina and the girls came to see us (and entertained us)and of course my mom and dad and Jarrod's parents and sister also came to visit. Please keep your fingers crossed!! I really have my hopes up that by this time tomorrow we will be out of the hospital! Check back tomorrow for the verdict!!