The week in review

Last Friday I took off work a little early for a hair appointment, well after that Jarrod and I went to Corning to look at a truck. Which was much better looking in the pics on the internet than in real life (isn't that always the case?). So we decided to cruise on over to Pocahontas and go by Dawson's Furniture and see my cousin Josh (his in laws own the store). We had a nice visit and I came home with new (and MUCH needed) tables for the Living room!! I really love them! Nice clean lines and they even have a black accent! Jarrod said he wasn't taking me truck shopping ever again?? Ha! I will take some pics of them in our room, if I ever get a chance to clean my house!!!!!!

T466-3_BIG coffeetable

We had a nice weekend. Sunday was a busy day for Jarrod! We got up and went to church (early service @ 7:45) as usual. Then we came home and Jarrod grilled some chicken for lunch. We were just about to sit down and eat when Jarrod's work phone rang. He quickly ate lunch and headed for Leachville. He got home about 2pm, just in time to throw on some different clothes and get to softball practice (he is playing on our church league). Then he got home from practice with just enough time to take a shower and then we were gone again headed for HR! We went to church there and had a b-day party for Brandye after church. We ended up staying there until 9:30, so it was a late night for a Sunday night! Whew! So much for a relaxing Sunday for Jarrod!!

Monday Jarrod left to go to work in the Harrison area. He one of the guys he works with were assigned to do inspections there because the guy that usually works that area was gone on another project. The bad part of that was that he was gone for a few days, but the good news is that they got finished early and got to come home on Wednesday.

Monday I took off at lunch to go with mom to the Children's Home in Paragould. She and the ladies in their Ladies Devo group had bought one requested item for each of the 10 cottages (like a toaster oven or humidifier) and also had a church wide pillow drive. So we went Monday afternoon to deliver them. Kim at the community outreach center was very nice and very grateful! Mom asked her to start thinking of another project that her ladies could be working on. And I asked her if she could come up with something small I think that my new "prayer group" would like to participate, too. (Oh, btw about 6 or 7 of us younger gals in my class at church have decided to get together once a month for a time of prayer, fellowship and accountability. I think it's going to be a great encouragement for me personally and I hope that it will be for everyone else that comes!)

After we left the Children's home we ran into Swank. Mom is looking for a sectional and she is being rather picky about what she wants. We found some really great stuff! It's a store that I LOVE, but I am partial to contemporary looking furnishings. I was surprised that she like it as much as she did! I think she is planning on taking Daddy back to check some things out. And for $200 they will come to your house and make suggestions based on the room dimensions, use of the space, items that must stay and things you would like to add. . .then if/when you buy the items at the store the $200 is an automatic credit on your account, so it's like free personal decorator!  I Think that is so cool!

We also went by and saw Kayce & baby Cooper. They are both doing so great! He is getting so big, even though he still weighs less than 8 lbs! We couldn't stay too long because I had to be back home by 5pm, Isabella and Alexandra were coming to my house for dinner while Brian and Christina went to Fitness Bootcamp! We had a nice dinner on the back patio and then we played with sidewalk chalk and played with Isabella's T-ball set. It was so nice outside! I wish we had more days like that! Taki layed down on the sidewalk on area that was covered with chalk and she was purple and pink all over! There is still some pink spots that I can't wash off!

Tuesday and Thursday nights Andrea came over and we worked on assembling her wedding invitations, we didn't get finished, so Amber said that she would help Andrea with the rest of them this weekend. It is such hard work and so time consuming!! Now I know why most places charge $10-12 each for them now!! They look really nice and the colors and materials are really beautiful, I know that she is going to get such a positive response from her guests!

I think that Jarrod has (finally) found a truck! I will keep you posted, but if everything goes well we should be back to a two vehicle household by tomorrow! Yay!

Tomorrow I have a baby shower to go to in Fisher, for my friend Tisha Deen and then we going to a surprise b-day party for John (Amber's husband, for those of you who don't know. . .) it's Saturday night at the Whole Hog . . .yummy! I think we might go bowling after that, maybe.

May is almost here and I am going to be a buzzing!! With showers every weekend until June and then the Weddings, things are bound to get a little crazy!! If I am MIA for awhile, you'll know why!