Pistol Pete meets Wild Bill

My Papa (my Mom's dad) gave all of us grandkid's rhyming nicknames when we were born [ex. Scooter, Tooter, Pooter, Cooter, Rooter . . ect. . . ].  These "nicknames" were what he called us for most of our childhood. Well, except for me. Somehow my nickname stuck.  My nickname was Scooter, and to this day he still calls me "Scoot". I don't know why I am the only one that is still being called by their nickname?? Anyway, when my cousin Kayce had her son, Cooper, my Papa started calling him Pistol Pete, who knows where he gets these names, I don't know what Pete has to do with "Cooper". So, when I found out I was having a boy, Papa started calling him Wild Bill (which at least makes some sense, William. . .Bill?). I guess the great grandchildren's nicknames are going to be cowboy themed, instead of rhyming?! I am really not sure if these nicknames will stick like mine (hopefully, not!) but so far both of these boys are already living up to their names. Kayce, Aunt Judy and Cooper came for a visit today. That Cooper is a busy little guy! He wasn't interested in Stratton, at all. He was more interested in Taki and her toys, which he carried around the entire time. . .that and the watering can that was beside the back door. We attempted several times to get a picture of the two of them but to no avail! Stratton was a sleepy head and barely opened his eyes in the time they were there. Oh, well! There will be lots of time for pictures later! I am sure these boys are going to get into all kinds of trouble in the future together!


Here is a picture of Stratton sucking his thumb. . . he still hasn't decided which he likes better. Sometimes he wants a pacifier and sometimes he sucks his thumb?


Tomorrow Stratton's Nan (Jarrod's mom) is coming to baby sit while I get to meet some friends for lunch and shopping! I am so looking forward to getting out of the house for an afternoon!