Christmas day. . . and the weekend.

We went to my Nanny & Papa's house for Christmas with the Gibson side of the family at lunch on Christmas day. Stratton got lots of fun new toys!

IMG_1960 IMG_1961 IMG_1962  IMG_1968 


[Yeah, he's learned to pull hair, watch out!]

After we spent the afternoon with the Gibson's we went back to my mom and dad's for a little while longer. Mom made us some burgers (we were tired of turkey) and we left their house around 8pm. . . .without Stratton!


IMG_2008 IMG_2009

IMG_2012 IMG_2010

My mom bought him this little stuffed bear at Bass Pro Shop in Springfield and he seems to love it. He will just play with it and chew on it and suck on it's ears? Who knew a $7 bear with a camo bandana would be his favorite toy? For the moment anyway!

We had a nice laid back child-free weekend! Saturday after sleeping in and going through the MOUNTAIN of christmas presents We went to the mall to return some stuff and did a little shopping without a stroller! Then we went to Colton's to eat and then to the movies (the 10pm show!) and it was past midnight before we got home! I cannot remember the last time we have been out that late! It was nice to have some us time, especially since it seems like we have been running non-stop lately! Mom and dad brought Stratton back to us Monday and mom and I went and got a mani/pedi while my dad stayed and watched Stratton, (My new fav color is "yoga-ta get this blue"). Then when Jarrod got off work we went to Shorty Smalls to eat supper. It was the first time we took him with the Bumbo seat instead of the carseat carrier and it worked out pretty good!


I am off work this week! So, I will be at home doing laundry and hopefully sleeping in and taking a few naps! That is what you are supposed to do on vacation, right?


Stratton's 1st Christmas Morning!


IMG_1932 IMG_1933 IMG_1935

IMG_1946 IMG_1947

We got up around 8am and gave Stratton his Santa presents. He was in good mood and sat in his bumbo seat for quite a while! Santa brought Stratton a monkey bottle pet and a new camo lovey blanket! He wasn't sure about the bottle pet at first! Santa also left him his first stocking filled with lots of goodies!

IMG_1938  IMG_1939IMG_1941  IMG_1942

[wow, santa brought me a hairbrush! I love it so much I think I will eat it!]


Then before he got too tired and fussy we put him in his Santa suit and tried to take a few pics, but he was really tired and we didn't get many good ones!


[the hat was really small, I am pretty sure it wouldn't have fit a newborn it was so tiny!!]


Dillon and Brandye came by mom and dads for about an hour so we could exchange gifts with them. Unfortunately, by the time they got there Stratton was ready for a nap and he slept most of the time they were there!


Christmas eve continued. . .

We decided to stay the night with my mom and dad Christmas eve since we have lunch at my Nanny & Papa's house in Hickory Ridge on Christmas day and those of you with kids know how difficult it is to load up and get somewhere on time with ALL the stuff you have to bring for just one day. . .so we avoided the hassle and just stayed. And after all the rain I was glad we did! It looked like the roads would have been a little scary in the dark!

When we got back to my parents house, from my grandparents house, Jarrod and I decided to go ahead and do our christmas gifts to each other and to Stratton.

IMG_1898 IMG_1900 IMG_1902 IMG_1908 IMG_1920IMG_1913 IMG_1922 IMG_1926 IMG_1925

We did good this year, it's usually a chore to shop for each other but both of us managed to find things the other wanted or needed this year, and almost all of it we kept secret! Jarrod got a new dvd player, under armour base layer pants and shirt, a new beard trimmer and a plaid polo shirt. . .he also got a new pair of waders but Santa brought them to the house last Sunday so that Jarrod could duck hunt in them this past week! Stratton got clothes. . . not much fun, but we left the toys to the grandparents and the rest of the family! And I got a new pink nightgown, a 16 GB jumpdrive, and AUTO START for my car (I am getting it installed next week, yay!!) and my favorite. . . .




. . . . a custom handmade necklace with Stratton's name and birth date, it is absolutely gorgeous!! I saw this necklace in a magazine several months ago (like before we even had Stratton) and showed it to Jarrod, I didn't think he was paying attention, but I guess I was wrong! I love that it is one of a kind, and if we have more kids he can add their names later!

Christmas Eve with the Wilson's

Christmas eve we always get dressed up and have dinner and presents with the Wilson side of the family at my grandma & grandpa's house. There are now NINE great-grand kids. This was the first time we got to be with the whole family since Stratton was born, since we missed the family reunion in August. We had a fun time playing dirty santa. . .or excuse me, I mean the white elephant game. . . and visiting with the family. Stratton got several nice gifts, and a couple of noisy ones, of course!


[Dressed up and ready for the party!]


[the Wilson great-grand kids]

IMG_1893  IMG_1894


A very wet Christmas!

It started raining on Wednesday (the 23rd) and didn't stop till Thursday night! Boy did it rain! They were closing streets and highways all over the state! Hwy 49 from Jonesboro to Hickory Ridge was fine. However, the main gravel road we take to my mom and dad's house was flooded bad enough we had to take a back farm road, and it was pretty deep in parts. Luckily, it was just the roads!

I took these pictures from the truck . . . .

The shop, bins and the farm house. . .

IMG_1973 IMG_1976IMG_1975  IMG_1978

The farm road we ended up taking to get to mom & dad's and Grandma & Grandpa's house Christmas eve. I am glad we stayed the night, I wouldn't have wanted to drive back down it in the dark! But the rest of the family did and made it just fine.


The main road on Christmas day, it still hadn't gone down much from the day before. My mom & dad and Grandma & Grandpa live where you see the trees in the distance. a long way to go on a flooded road, so we turned around and went the other way!

IMG_1980 IMG_1986

the swirling water is where the culvert is, the water here in this ditch is VERY deep!



More pictures with Santa

Stratton is spending a few days with Nan & Pa (aka Margie & Terry) in Searcy this week. Yesterday afternoon they took him to see Santa. This makes the 3rd time he's seen Santa this year! Hey, you can never get enough Santa time!! 

I like this guy. Christmas 2009 009 Santa talking to Stratton "Santa, Mom said I need to ask for more hair." Santa you are so funny. "No Santa, I don't want as much hair as you have."