They're off to a great start!

Church league softball has started! This year there are more college age guys playing on our team and while that means that Jarrod and the rest of the guys his age are the "old guys" they still all played so great together! They actually won 17-6!! Jarrod covered second base, of course, and he hit one single, two doubles, he had a strike and a walk. They just need to get those younger guys to quit showing off and trying to hit it out of the park and focus on getting on base! I am excited at the prospect of supporting a winning team this year! The good news is they played really great, the bad news is if they play that great at their next game they might actually get put in the A- League, which could be a bad thing, especially if all the college guys don't show up one night!

Please pray that all the guys playing stay safe and avoid injuries this season. A guy, only 47 yrs old, actually died a couple of nights ago from a seizure and heart attack right there on the field. So scary and so, so sad!