Stratton's 6 weeks old and we're staying busy!


Friday night we went to the Redbirds game in Memphis with some friends. We had a really good time. It was my first time to visit AutoZone Park and I was really surprised how nice it was! I also indulged in my first BBQ nachos (with jalapenos) and had to have a funnel cake before we left. Yum! And unfortunely the Redbirds lost, but it was still a lot of fun, and it was nice to get out and do something different.


[Alicia, Carla & Amy]

Jarrod's mom stayed with Stratton while we went to the game and decided to stay the night, too! She let us sleep Friday night while she got up with him. It was so nice. Saturday we ran some errands and rented a movie. My friends Amber and Andrea came over later Saturday night to meet Stratton. We had a great time visiting and I couldn't believe how good Stratton was while they were here! Then that night after his 10pm feeding he slept till 4am!! Wow! We were shocked. . .and in a good way!


[Stratton at 6 weeks! He's ready to go see Gigi & Pops]

Sunday we went to Hickory Ridge and had lunch with my family and left Stratton to spend the night with Gigi and Pops. So, Sunday night since we were "childless" we got to go to church together and then out to eat with some friends. Then we went home and went to bed! Gotta love another night of uninterrupted sleep!

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment, my 6 week follow-up, which went really well. She gave me the all clear, so I can go back to work and back to everything else, too. . .even vacuuming. Boo. I have been having some leg numbness and pain (that started when I was pregnant and hasn't gone away) and she decided to send me to a neurologist to have it checked out. I spent the rest of my day running a zillion errands and shopping for birthday presents. My Mom and Dad said Stratton was really good for them, but what could he do wrong, right?? They brought him back to Jonesboro last night and we ate supper with them. Today I went to the neurologist (they got me in really fast, huh?) and they ran some tests. Have you ever had a "Nerve Study" done on you?? Yeah. . .not a fun thing! They hook you up to a computer and then shock the fire out of you! I don't know what they are measuring, but I was normal. They told me that if it didn't go away on it's own in a month or two to come back for further testing. Stratton stayed with Kayce and got to "play" with Cooper while I was at the doctor. Kayce said Cooper tried to give Stratton his toys to play with, isn't that sweet!


[Kayce took this one of the boys]

We don't have anything else planned for this week. I am planning on enjoying my last two weeks at home with Stratton. I am going back to work on Sept. 8th. I am ready to get back to work and back to a routine, but I am anxious to see how it's going to work with a baby in the mix! We do have another busy weekend ahead. Isabella's 8th b-day party is Friday night and then my Nanny's 74th b-day party is Saturday night. Sunday Stratton will be 7 weeks old, which means only one more week and we are bustin' him outta here!!


[See, he can throw a pretty good fit when he wants to!]